NSCAA Coverage: Live from Baltimore

NSCAA logoMy first day in Baltimore attending the NSCAA event (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) has been a success. I interviewed Gerard Houllier and asked him whether he was in the running for the Republic of Ireland manager’s position, met Steve McClaren, spoke with a senior vice president of marketing from Fox Soccer Channel, interviewed Paul Gardner — the most veteran soccer writer from the United States — and much more.

More about the interesting developments later, but first, I want to comment on how wonderful it is to be at an event where there are so many soccer fans, coaches and professionals in one place. Living in Florida sometimes like living in Siberia with no professional team for 1,000 miles, but here in Baltimore, it’s been a wonderful experience.

If you’re a fan of American soccer, this is definitely the event to attend. There were hundreds of supporters of Major League Soccer teams here to attend the MLS 2008 Super Draft and they were in great voice singing and taunting opposing fans.

But I was here for Premier League-related news, so keep on coming back to this EPL Talk site over the next 24-48 hours for the latest NSCAA coverage — including a chance to win a great collectible item that you won’t be able to find or buy in stores.

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  1. I’m not sure what you asked Gardener but his views may be a major shock to many on this site who consider everything English superior to anything non English. Can’t wait to hear his interview! (Gardener himself is a Brit but has spent a lifetime dedicated to building the American game and is one of the people I respect most in the business)

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