More Entertaining Off The Pitch Than On It

sexy-socce-fans.jpgIn a week like this, it’s easy to see how the Premier League is sometimes more exciting off the pitch than on it. Of course, that depends which club you support.

Here are my picks of what’s more exciting off the pitch than on it:

  • Jose Mourinho. The manager that everyone loved to hate is now more popular off it than on it thanks to his series of videos on Setanta Sports.
  • Newcastle United FC. First Joey Barton goes to jail, then Big Sam gets the sack, followed by King Kev riding in to save the Toon Army. Far more entertaining than their current football side.
  • Liverpool. Other than Fernando Torres, the most interesting aspect of Liverpool FC this season has been their apparent decline. High expectations haven’t matched up with poor performances on the pitch, a co-owner who opens his mouth too much, a manager who is spinning out of control and a team that’s far too inconsistent and already 12 points off the pack.
  • Derby County. On the pitch, the first half of the season has been dreadful. Off it, the club had talks with Disney about a potential takeover, Billy Davies got the heave-ho after the club chairman said the Scot would be around for the remainder of the season, and the fans have been entertaining to watch and hear.

Who are your picks for clubs or players that are more entertaining off the pitch this season than on it?


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