7 thoughts on “Premier League Poll of the Weekend”

  1. Other than Man City's loss to Spurs on December 9th, the last time Man City lost away in the league was October 27. Quite a surprise.

    The Gaffer

  2. I have to agree with Patrick.

    Sorry but you are grasping for straws on a level that is well below stupid.

    Everton and Manchester City were only three points apart before the day started.

    To call it a shock shows the lack of knowledge you have.

  3. woah there's quite a bit of vitriol going 'round.

    and can i say that i'm not really surprised with any of the listed occurrences, but probably wouldn't have predicted them, and still be taken seriously?

    because i'm not.

  4. Ok OK I put this as a positive...

    Both Rio And Anton scoring on the same day was a much better option. Unless you happen to front Oasis.


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