Wealth of Talent at Arsenal Bodes Well for Future

In Arsenal’s Carling Cup semi-final match against Spurs this Wednesday, Arsene Wenger will probably feature some players that you’re not familiar with unless you’re a die-hard Arsenal fan. Just as he did last season, Wenger is using the Carling Cup to blood his youngsters into the first team with great success.

In fact, Arsene Wenger has groomed such a talented squad in North London that the Gunners could easily field three separate sides all with quality players. Essentially, Arsenal has an ‘A’ team, ‘B’ team and ‘C’ team. Take a look:

Arsenal ‘A’ Team:
Arsenal A team formation

Arsenal ‘B’ Team:
Arsenal B team formation
Arsenal ‘C’ Team:
Goalkeeper: Lukasz Fabianski
Defenders: Kerrea Gilbert, Johan Djourou, Gavin Hoyte
Midfielders: Fran Merida, Alexandre Song, Mark Randall, Henri Lansbury
Strikers: Theo Walcott, Nacer Barazite, Rui Fonte

Other than Portugese striker Rui Fonte, the rest of the Arsenal ‘C’ team have been featured in the Arsenal side this season either on the field or on the bench. Most of the ‘C’ team have played especially during Carling Cup matches.

Other than a possible departure for veteran goalkeeper Jens Lehmann, Arsene Wenger is poised to make no changes in the January transfer window. No players in. No players out. He really is a chairman’s dream manager.


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