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Fox Soccer Channel Viewing Parties

fsc viewing parties Fox Soccer Channel Viewing PartiesFox Soccer Channel (FSC) is planning on hosting several Premier League viewing parties at pubs across the United States from January through May according to its website.

The cities that will host the viewing parties are New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Columbus, Miami and Boston.

Both the network and website are advertising the upcoming events. However, at time of writing, no specific dates have been announced.

The idea by Fox is an excellent one if marketed correctly. It’s a great opportunity for the network to engage with its loyal viewers as well as introduce new viewers to the channel. For the EPL, it’s an excellent way to promote the league to fans nationwide.

Organizing a national campaign such as the viewing parties is no easy task. There’s the danger that, if not marketed properly, the events could be a bust. Another key factor is choosing locations in each of the respective cities that are appropriate.

Just as one example, closer to home, Miami is a poor choice for a viewing party for Premier League football. Reason being, despite a population of 400,000 people, there are only a handful of pubs that are considered English soccer friendly pubs. The most popular of them all, Churchill’s Pub, is a tiny pub located near one of the worst areas of Miami, so it wouldn’t be an appropriate choice for Fox. It would have been wiser for FSC to select Fort Lauderdale as one of the viewing cities instead, which is a much more soccer friendly city.

If you live in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Columbus, Miami or Boston, are you planning on attending your local Fox Soccer Channel viewing party?

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14 Responses to Fox Soccer Channel Viewing Parties

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  2. Kartik says:

    Yeah but Chris, the greater Miami area has close to 6 million people and is ranked 7th in the nation in metro areas by the Census Bureau. No offense, but I hate when people cite the 400,000 figure. That’s just the city limits. Greater Jacksonville has only 900,000 but the city has over 800,000 people!

    But FLL would be a better choice as it is more centrally located. Honestly, I don’t sense much of an interest in the Premier League in our area sadly. I think the Spanish League is the undisputed king down here. I see countless Real Madrid and Barca jerseys on kids in Broward County but very few PL jerseys other than the occasional United or Liverpool ones. I see more England (three lions) jerseys than all PL clubs combined, so maybe doing a watch party for the England-France friendly would be smarter!

  3. Lee says:

    They would be better off promoting the event at US Men’s National games. For example in Nashville in March the U.S mens Olympic team will be playing a qualifier. That would be the perfect time for them to have some kind of competition/promo in the south.

  4. daryl says:

    Why does Texas always get the head turn on things like this, I would love to have a viewing party here in Houston.

  5. marta del piero says:

    Hey Chris,
    Happy New Year!!!

    Yeah guys I agree, but oddly I live by Brickell and work in th Gables, and I see lots of PL jersies on hispanic people…go figure!!!

    Churchills is cool but yeah little scarey hood!!! We do miss our fusion pub days afterwards near Lockhart stadium. Now they are trying to build the “Orange Bowl” as a soccer specific stadium like the new ones built from the Lockhart idea.
    They are going to wipe out the orange bowl itself which is nuts and put up the Marlins stadium…yikes…I love the old lady, orange bowl, nasty as is.


  6. Ken says:

    If they’ll let me, a 14 year old in the Columbus one, then of course I’ll be going.

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  9. SF Gooner says:

    What?! No San Francisco viewing party???

  10. Eric says:

    I have the perfect place in Los Angeles. The Fox and Hounds, totally unrelated to the nationwide chain of a similar name. Technically, it’s in Studio City but the atmosphere (and Champions League burger) is like none other I’ve seen in North America.

  11. Ryan says:

    Im all for the NYC games. But i think they should really be hitting the Official Liverpool Supporter Bar on E. 11th Street. Its such a “soccer” friendly bar. And they have traditional food and the best fans by far. Come on you REDS!!!

  12. Beef "O" Brady's says:

    Beef “O” Brady’s in Sunrise has all the EPL games with no cover!!! This is a family-friendly sports pub and the owner’s family is all British. Game room for kids, 18 TVs, etc. Best pint of Guinness around.

  13. julian says:

    because la rox
    i definatly want to go

    heres y they do it in la and new york always

    because they r the biggest citys in US
    the most well known
    if sum1 wants to travel theyd rather travel there then to a smaller town with less to see or be excited about’

    but i agree it sux that they cant be like everywhere
    im spoiled i live in LA

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