FA Cup Ratings for Premier League Clubs


The FA Cup Third Round relieved us from the dreariness of our normal robust Premier League schedule to enthrall us with live riveting matches like Pompey-Ipswich and grant us the opportunity to pay top dollar to watch Villa-Utd.  All 20 Premier League clubs participated at the weekend and here are their performances ranked in order.

Great Success!

1. Manchester United 2-0 win over Aston Villa.  They had a tough draw, having to play Villa away.  It wasn’t a dominant performance, but they got the goals when it counted.

2. Wigan beating Sunderland on the road 3-0.  A convincing win against a (for now)  Premier League caliber side away.  Still hoping that Wigan supporters adopt “Don’t Let Me Dow-ow-own, Brrrruce!” (the ELO song) as an anthem.

High Five

3. Arsenal win 2-0 away at Burnley.  It didn’t set the world on fire, but they got the job done.

4. Middlesbrough come back from behind to beat Bristol City 2-1.  It’s a win, so Boro supporters will be pleased.

Listen pussycat, give me a smile
5. Chelsea beat QPR 1-0.  Got my hopes up when The Guardian misprinted the result as a QPR 1-0 victory.  Not impressive but they’ll take it.

6. Portsmouth beating Ipswich 1-0.  David Nugent is still alive.  Who knew?
I get Ipod.  He get Ipod mini.  But everybody know it’s for girls!

7-8. Tottenham and Reading Draw 2-2.  Berbatov should donate part of his next contract to Reading.

9-10. Manchester City 0 – West Ham 0.  Yawn.

11. Derby drew Sheffield Wednesday 2-2.  Sheffield Wednesday are a Championship side, but so are Derby so the result is fitting.  The Rams will just be happy to fight another day.

12. Aston Villa lost to Manchester United 2-0.  Bad draw.
Do Not Fear Me Gypsy.  All I want is your tears.

13. Liverpool drew with Luton 1-1.  Jose Mourinho… Come on down!

14. Newcastle drew with Stoke 0-0.  Do you want your Big Sam ass cheek Medium or Well Done?

15. Bolton lost to Sheffield Utd. 1-0.  Respectable loss and probably better for them to bow out early and concentrate on the League.
What’s Up with it Vanilla Face?
16. Fulham drew Bristol Rovers 2-2.  They can’t even keep a clean sheet against a struggling League One side.

17. Sunderland lost to Wigan 3-0 at home.  Embarassing.

18. Birmingham Lost to Huddersfield 2-1.  Unacceptable.
Where I put this?

19. Everton lost 1-0 to Oldham.  Teams that are taking that next step don’t lose to Oldham.

20. Blackburn lost 4-1 to Coventry at home.  Hideous.


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