Don't Let Dave Kitson Ruin Your FA Cup Fever

Chasetown Football Club groundF**k Reading’s Dave Kitson and his idiotic statement about how he doesn’t care about the FA Cup. View this slideshow to find out what the FA Cup is all about. This is the real football. For readers of this blog, it’s required viewing.

The Chasetown story is pretty incredible. They’re the lowest non-league club ever to make the third round of the FA Cup and they’re playing at home against Cardiff City in the biggest match of their history.

It’s a shame that the match isn’t being shown live on TV. Ipswich against Portsmouth (Fox Soccer Channel, 10am ET Saturday) should be a decent one. Villa against Man United (PPV, Saturday 10am ET) will be predictable. Luton against Liverpool (PPV) will be a sad one (especially considering Luton’s current plight where they may end up being extinct by next week, all the more reason to be upset with Liverpool for refusing to give their portion of the gate receipts to the cash-strapped club), Burnley against Arsenal (Fox Soccer Channel, 9am ET, Sunday) should be an interesting one to see how the kids do, and Stoke versus Newcastle (Fox Soccer Channel, 1pm ET, Sunday) could be a nervy one for Newcastle fans especially seeing how well Stoke is playing recently.


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