Don't Let Dave Kitson Ruin Your FA Cup Fever

Chasetown Football Club groundF**k Reading’s Dave Kitson and his idiotic statement about how he doesn’t care about the FA Cup. View this slideshow to find out what the FA Cup is all about. This is the real football. For readers of this blog, it’s required viewing.

The Chasetown story is pretty incredible. They’re the lowest non-league club ever to make the third round of the FA Cup and they’re playing at home against Cardiff City in the biggest match of their history.

It’s a shame that the match isn’t being shown live on TV. Ipswich against Portsmouth (Fox Soccer Channel, 10am ET Saturday) should be a decent one. Villa against Man United (PPV, Saturday 10am ET) will be predictable. Luton against Liverpool (PPV) will be a sad one (especially considering Luton’s current plight where they may end up being extinct by next week, all the more reason to be upset with Liverpool for refusing to give their portion of the gate receipts to the cash-strapped club), Burnley against Arsenal (Fox Soccer Channel, 9am ET, Sunday) should be an interesting one to see how the kids do, and Stoke versus Newcastle (Fox Soccer Channel, 1pm ET, Sunday) could be a nervy one for Newcastle fans especially seeing how well Stoke is playing recently.

14 thoughts on “Don't Let Dave Kitson Ruin Your FA Cup Fever”

  1. Chat, what chat?

    Every time I click on the chat button, it gives an SQL error.

    Some upgrade you have, and false advertising to boot!

  2. Dave Kitson hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm, but my “Comcastic” cable service that has mysteriously lost FSC has.

    I still don’t understand the PPV matches. You can see a Villa-Utd match every weekend in the Premier League, when it is more meaningful. Why fleece people for inferior entertainment?

  3. Call the FA Cup another victim of the changes in Football. I wish it weren’t so but Dave Kitson speaks for the legions of Footballers on relegation threatened clubs who lack depth or the money to buy depth to their squad who realize a deep FA cup run may result in relegation from the PL and disaster for their club. It’s not like Reading is going to win the FA Cup. The last non big four side to win the FA Cup was in 1995! The event after the early rounds is even more predictable than the stale predictable PL table.

  4. I just watched Pompey v. Ipswich and it sure kept my attention. Kitson’s response doesn’t bother me because it’s just his opinion…and who’s Kitson really? As a futbol fan, I want to watch FA cup games to see Championship sides trying to make it v. their big brothers in the Premiership.

    …seeing the Ipswich manager’s mouth clearly say “fuckin’ rubbish” to the ref was pretty funny.

    Go QPR!

  5. Yet more discraceful behavior from Liverpool not giving Luton thier share of the gate money. Can’t say I’m at all surprised however.

  6. Ahh…Liverpool, poor, everyone’s-out-to-get-em-and-the-refs-aren’t-fair Liverpool. They won’t give up their gate money because they’re broke themselves.

    So, QPR played ’em close, that counts for something, eh?

  7. What happened to the podcast? How come we have no new interviews! If you were not ready to flip the switch on the new site with the chat, etc why did you?

  8. BTW the Liverpool Scrooge angle was fronted by the SUN. Which sort of speaks for its self on many levels.

    and Ipswich V pompy was just one giant joke today. Worst Red I’ve ever seen.

    and what a joke with the PPV. Any wonder so many log on to these matches online.

  9. There has to be enough people paying PPV for it to be worthwhile for them to do that. I really want to know who those people are.

    Like who is such a die-hard Man Utd fan that they can’t live without seeing them play an early round FA cup match that costs more than a monthly setanta subscription?

  10. Call me an arse too Gaffer, but I somewhat agree with Kitson.

    The opening rounds are exciting, but the whole competition is so predictable. Take the NCAA March Madness: what makes it the best tournament in the U.S.? No one has ANY idea who is going to win it. Sure, there are the favorites but it is a total crap-shoot. The FA Cup however is going to be won by one of the big 4 because history — and money/depth — says it is. If March Madness was as predictable as the FA Cup, would it be as popular? Probably not.

    So for clubs like Reading and others, the opening rounds are simply glorified exhibition matches. I know I’m much more focused on my club getting out of the relegation zone, than making a strong cup run.

    Either make the pot much more viable or find a way to end the hegemony, otherwise the FA Cup will continue going the way of the buffalo.

  11. Kitson isnt wrong, he just isnt right. The fans love the FA Cup and i have seen some great stuff this weekend , not least Stoke v Newcastle which was terrific despite being goalless. Burnley have us a hard game this morning and yesterday all those upsets. Kitsons own team pulled off a memorable score. I dont care if he hates the cup or not, a lot of players need to focus on the league – thats the price of league overexposure, its SO much more important than the FA Cup. Great entertainment though though cant understand why i’d have to pay for some of these games – madness that.

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