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Where to Find Arsenal TV & Liverpool TV

arsenal tv Where to Find Arsenal TV & Liverpool TVSay after me, “we want our Arsenal TV & Liverpool TV!”

Last season, GolTV decided to pull the plug on offering Arsenal TV and Liverpool TV to its subscribers. I don’t blame them. The quality of the shows weren’t the greatest, and the two shows seemed out of place on a network that focuses on Spanish, German and Italian football.

But alas, Arsenal TV and Liverpool TV have now been reborn. Arsenal TV is relaunching as a brand new channel on January 14, 2008. Produced by Setanta Sports, Arsenal TV will feature (among many different shows) a program called “Arsenal Question Time,” hosted by Des Lynam and starring Matt Lucas (Little Britain) as one of the guests.

Liverpool TV, better known as LFC TV, launched in September 2007 via Setanta Sports and the Liverpool FC website.

But it’s Setanta Sports in the UK that offers LFC TV. And it’ll be Setanta Sports in the UK that will be carrying Arsenal TV after it launches.

Unfortunately, the Premier League doesn’t allow overseas TV networks to show more than two club TV channels. That means that Setanta Sports in North America is stuck with MUTV and Chelsea TV. Not a bad problem to have.

So the question is, why doesn’t Fox Soccer Channel pursue Arsenal TV and Liverpool TV? The network doesn’t carry any club TV shows on its 24/7 channel. The challenge comes down to money and finding a way to pay for more content. If they can find advertisers willing to pay for advertising for Arsenal TV and Liverpool TV, we’d be watching the Gunners and Reds more often.

GolTV could always try to come in and buy the rights to those channels again, which isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

However, with Chelsea’s decline this season, I wonder if Setanta Sports may decide in the future to drop Chelsea TV in favor of a more fashionable club such as Arsenal? It could be a smart move.

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5 Responses to Where to Find Arsenal TV & Liverpool TV

  1. Kartik says:

    Perhaps people are fed up with club propaganda? Just a thought although I do like the classic games MUTV and Arsenal TV show from time to time.

  2. CFTV says:

    I am curious what the clubs want cashwise for the program to air in America.

    Wouldn’t it be worth the clubs to take a hit for a couple of years by getting their product exposed to America on a network like FSC that most digital cable subscribers have in their homes? Of course the Clubs want to be paid but at the same time isn’t taking a bit of a cash hit be worth building a bigger fanbase that in the future will spend money on jerseys and such.

    I have always wondered with all of the properties that Fox owns that they couldn’t run different barter deals with television companies from other countries to share more media with each other.

    I did see GOLTV got AC Milan TV from FSC. The show was a bit tough to watch because the voice over was pretty bad as you could hear the italian under the english voice. That said it was entertaining to see Gattuso handing out Christmas Presents and I loved some of the music from the 80′s they would use when showing classic clips mixed in with current highlights.

  3. wanderer_abroad says:

    Personally I can’t stand any of the matches shown on Setanta Canada produced by the clubs themselves. The commentating is truelly…and I really mean this…diabolical! The worst culprit is that idiot on Man Utd TV who is more bias than anyone I have ever seen. The lads on Chelsea TV aren’t much better, but at least they’re bearable. I wish Setanta would actually show the talk-shows from these club channels, rather than just replays of old matches or reserve matches.

  4. Simon Burke says:

    Club TV is shocking crap. As a gooner i can see through the rubbish we put out and lets face it its all just branding – i habve enough other things in my week to do so couldnt care less about any form of club TV. Classic matches is about it , the rest is simply mindnumbing filler.

  5. i love arsenal because many ivorien’s play for arsenal.escuse me because my english is very bad,i’m ivorien

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