Premier League 2007 Awards (Traditional)


Best Player: Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United

It’s difficult to argue with this one.  Even if he does score a number of goals on penalties, he still produces a striker’s tally from midfield and, unlike Frank Lampard, he manages to look skillful while doing it.  The scariest thing is that he is only going to get better.

Worst Player: Kevin Kilbane, Wigan Athletic

This was a difficult choice, as teammate Titus Bramble is equally incompetent.  However, Bramble at least shows flashes of ability at times, while Zinedine Kilbane is 100% useless.  Michael Ballack would have been in the running, but was disqualified due to two few appearances.

Best Manager: Sven-Goran Eriksson, Manchester City

There are some worthy candidates, notably Arsene Wenger and Harry Redknapp.  However, both had far better raw materials to begin the season.  Sven had a squad that looked likely to be relegated and revitalized it into a Champions League contender in a matter of weeks, even without a striker.

Worst Manager (still standing): Alan Curbishley, West Ham

Consistently outclassed tactically, check.  Bad signings, check.  Inability to regognize/utilize talent, check.  When is the last time that anyone has praised a brilliant decision made by Curbishley?  West Ham are mid-table, but in spite of him rather than because of him.

Best Signing: Elano, Manchester City

Torres may be a better player, but Elano was 1/3 as expensive.  No one, at least in the English media, knew who he was (despite him being a Brazilian International).  City bought him for 8m GBP and could probably sell him for 3 times that now.  A brilliant signing.

Worst Signing: Darren Bent, Tottenham Hotspur

Nothing against Darren Bent, he is a solid above average striker.  But, he is certainly not worth 17m GBP.  Particularly to Tottenham who already had Robbie Keane, Berbatov, and Defoe.  The 17m GBP could have been redirected toward buying a few competent defenders.

Best Game: Tottenham 4 – West Ham 3

No particular reason that this was the best game, but it sticks in the memory.  Carlos Tevez scored his first goal in this match.  Berbatov had a nice free kick.  It was edge of the seat action and entertainment.

Worst Game: Wigan Athletic (Entire Season)

Best Goal: Seb Larsson vs. Tottenham (Dec. 2)

Some other goals were flashier, but this strike was simply pure skill.

Most Overrated: John Terry, Chelsea

Throwing his personaltiy aside, John Terry is not a bad defender, but he is not a particularly great one either.  He hasn’t been one for quite a while.  Claims that he is a world-class elite defender are ridiculous.  Just in the Top Four of the Premier League one would take Carvalho, Carragher, Vidic, Ferdinand, Gallas, and Toure over Terry at this point in time.

Most Underrated: Peter Crouch, Liverpool

Crouch does two things, he causes defenders to panic and he scores goals at a reasonably high rate.  He may look like a jackass while doing it, but he is a solid player and definitively Liverpool’s 2nd best striker.


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