Barton behind bars

Joey BartonNewcastle midfielder Joey Barton will spend New Year in jail after being arrested on charges of common assault and affray (similar to disturbing the peace). Barton appeared at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court where it was disclosed that he and a group of friends were allegedly involved in two separate incidents following a dispute with another group inside a McDonald’s restaurant on Church Street.

Also charged were Barton’s brother, Andrew, (bodily harm and affray) and Nadine Wilson (common assault and affray), who was also part of Barton’s group. Barton is expected to remain in police custody until January 3rd when he is due to make his next appearance before the court. This means that he will undoubtedly miss Newcastle’s next two matches against Chelsea and Manchester City.

It’s another in a long series of problems for Barton who seems to be a magnet for trouble. I’d seen an interview with him where he had attempted to explain his past incidents from his point-of-view and I had gained a bit of sympathy for him but now I find myself doubting him yet again. It’s sad to see, as like him or not, he can be a talented contributor when his head is focused on the game. I just hope that he can get the guidance and counselling he needs to start making smarter choices in his life.

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  1. This is unfortunate. As much of a punk as he is, he is a footballer worthy of a place on the England squad. I’ve watched him for years when he was with City and I love his passion for the game. But he is a violent, psychopathic individual. Like American sports, Football in England gives violent people and outlet to channel their anger and it is important Barton always have a place to play and to turn around his life.

  2. Also charged were Barton’s brother, Andrew

    This is not the same brother who got 17 years for a racially motivated murder, is it? Hard to keep ’em all straight — mum must be proud.

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