Bobby McMahon Reads EPL Talk


Just a quick note to point out that Bobby McMahon, the best thing going at Fox Soccer Channel, mentioned that he’s a reader of the EPL Talk Blog in his weekly column. Here’s what he said:

Ringo – Which blogs do you read?

Bobby – I check in at soccer by Ives, du Nord, Steve Goff and EPL talk from time to time. Others I hit more by accident than design.

Be sure to bookmark Bobby’s blog if you haven’t done so already for his twice weekly posts which are always a joy to read.

3 thoughts on “Bobby McMahon Reads EPL Talk”

  1. Despite being Canadian, Bobby M is more “American” than anything with those four choices! I read the very same sites, so I guess great minds can think like absent minds (me being the absent one!) :)

  2. Bobby, I watch Fox Soccer report every night. Without doubt you are the most biased soccer reporter I read. I have just watched your pathetic comments on the FIFA WC 2018 & 2022. Remember you are Scottish. You have always hated the EPL because the SPL is a joke. Consequently that per mutates down to the England team. You are jealous of all the years that we are have been so much better than your beloved Scotland. They have NEVER won the WC, and they never will. To say that it doesn’t matter that Qatar will be embarrassed because the Saudis were beaten 8-0 is wrong. Saudi Arabia were NOT staging the WC, Qatar is. And they will be embarrassed. Can you name a player from Qatar who is any good…NO you can’t. If you spent more time having being objective about ALL Countries and Teams, instead of sucking up to the PC people you would be better off. What you have done is the worse form of journalism.. You have sold out. Please feel free to contact me, although I have a feeling you never will.

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