Find Soccer News with Google Reader

Behind the scenes at EPL Talk, there’s been a flurry of activity getting the redesigned site ready for launch hopefully this week. Everything will be unveiled shortly. But one of the features I want to give you a sneak-preview of is something that you can begin using today.

It’s EPL Talk’s Shared Items which runs on Google Reader and provides you with some of the most interesting stories I uncover each day. I usually read several hundred articles on the web each day. Some of them are pretty repetitive, but there’s always a few golden nuggets that I discover and the Shared Items are a perfect way of bringing those stories to you.

Feel free to bookmark the EPL Talk Shared Items page so you can read the best of the best on a daily basis. Or better yet, sign up for the free Google Reader, add the RSS feed for the EPL Talk Shared Items to your subscriptions and add your favorite blogs too.

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