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It’s interesting how life goes full circle sometimes. Two years ago, the EPL Talk Blog launched using a WordPress blog program. Topics of discussion on the Blog that month included the death of George Best, The Treble (when they were at their height), Man United getting knocked out of the Champions League and more.

Then in January 2006, the EPL Talk Blog moved to its most popular home using a Blogger platform at http://eplleague.blogspot.com

Now in December 2007, EPL Talk returns to the WordPress platform and now has a new permanent home.

A lot has changed since November 2005 and December 2007. So too has the EPL Talk website which is now completely redesigned in a more organized way. If you’ve visited before but haven’t been back for a while, stick with us.

We’re committed to improving the content and the entire experience. If you’re a fan of the Premier League or one of its clubs, hold on for a fun ride.

One last important note: We here at EPL Talk have decided to cast a wider net. Instead of focusing on the Premier League only from an American perspective we’re now going to be covering the EPL for the English speaking audience worldwide.

So that’ll mean the same great articles about Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports, but also coverage that will include analysis of the Premier League from all corners of the globe including Asia, Australasia, Europe and elsewhere.

Thanks for your continued support. And if you’re new to EPL Talk, welcome aboard.


The Gaffer


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