Guillem Balague Interview


The latest episode of the EPL Talk Podcast features an interview with possibly one of the most respected football pundits on the planet, Guillem Balague.

Balague is an author, TV presenter, journalist and podcaster for many media organizations including Sky Sports, The Times of London, The Game Podcast, Don Balon and many others.

During the interview, we discuss several topics with Balague including what the English can learn from the Spanish game and vice-versa, his thoughts on Fabio Capello for the next England manager position, whether he prefers Pele or Maradona as his favorite footballer, what future plans are for possible books and TV shows — and much more.

Listen to the interview with Guillem Balague on the EPL Talk Podcast via iTunes or this webpage.

2 thoughts on “Guillem Balague Interview”

  1. Good interview, Chris and good job trying to get him to answer my question! To me it is just amazing that a nation like England who invented the game and still has so many natural advantages over other footballing nations have completely squandered that with a horrible FA and poor infrastructure.

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