Sky Sports, Stop Cutting to Interviews During Matches

So there I was sitting at home finally watching the replay of the Swansea against Horsham FA Cup replay on TV today (a day late, yes I know) when Sky Sports did something I couldn’t believe. They did an ESPN trick — i.e. cutting to a live interview with a manager as the match was being played.

It’s one thing for ESPN to do this during Major League Soccer matches, but for Sky to try this tactic is deplorable.

This is nothing brand new. I’ve seen Sky do this before recently, but it’s got to stop. We want to see the football being played on the pitch. We don’t want to see a distracting interview.

2 thoughts on “Sky Sports, Stop Cutting to Interviews During Matches”

  1. It certainly seems as though both English and American football are getting together and sharing the worst possible aspects of each other’s coverage.

    I could see doing the interviews if they were going to get anything useful from it. Like I would love to hear Sir Alex and Wenger speak during the match, but they aren’t going to discuss anything remotely useful.

  2. sometimes the action on the pitch is boring. i welcome the english media trying to freshen up their coverage by using different and more creative ideas.

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