CSRN 1-0 World Soccer Daily

In the most recent EPL Talk Poll, we asked the question “Who’s going to win the war between World Soccer Daily and CSRN?” Well, 102 readers replied to the poll and were convinced that CSRN would do the business. Here are the final results:

CSRN 58% (59 votes)
What war? 19% (19 votes)
Who cares 13% (13 votes)
World Soccer Daily 11% (11 votes)

12 thoughts on “CSRN 1-0 World Soccer Daily”

  1. WSD probably takes in more ratings for their own show than CSRN gets an entire day.

    You may disagree with WSD a lot, but at least its entertaining. Can’t really say the same for CSRN and the 2 zzzzzzzzz’s.

    Now, can someone explain what all the beef is about anyway?

  2. Actually sittingontheterraces I bet if the true numbers were ever revealed, that you would be shocked.

    Besides, from the looks of it you’ve already been brainwashed.

    Seems to me this poll was put up to try and discredit a few people.

  3. CSRN is decent but WSD is a joke. It’s not a Football show, it’s a poor attempt at comedy. I will never listen to that show as long as I live.

  4. I used to listen to The 2 Gs, but they simply don’t know much.

    They’d be talking about a big match and I would know of a key injury, but they didn’t seem to have heard of it and talked about how the guy was going to be a key player. They tripped over pretty much every foreign player’s name.

    Now I listen to WSD pretty regularly. Their football knowledge is good, I think, and while they might get annoying with their loyalties, that’s how sports are — I like my team, you like yours. They take jabs at other clubs’ supporters; callers/e-mailers take them back at Chelsea and Man U.

    Also, they get some great guests, I especially like it when Martin Tyler checks in.

    My vote is for WSD, but I don’t really consider it a war — I have an iPod, I can listen to both. I just don’t listen to CSRN. Maybe I should check back in with them and see if they have gotten better since I stopped listening.

  5. I think the “war” as you call it breaks down along these lines. If you are an Anglophile you like Cohen & Co. because he does nothing but take shots at MLS and anything American. He has made no effort whatsoever to understand the American game.

    If you are one of these American soccer snobs who loves MLS and thinks the National Team is of a decent standard, which by the way it is not, and I believe the US won’t qualify for the 2010 World Cup because CONCACAF is much improved across the board, then you listen to the 2Gs.

    If you are like me and like Spanish Footy and Serie A and think England’s league is over hyped and the true standard of English Football can be judged by the failures of all the national teams from the British isles, and while I support MLS I think they product is decent but that is because of all the foreign players not the American game, then you don’t listen to either and voted who cares as I did.

  6. I’m not in love with CSRN. I find the 2Gs boring and often time ignorant. I think divers and cheats tries to be too over the top at times. But I voted for them because WSD is quite possibly the worst sports show on the radio. The worst. A host who knows nothing of the sport he covers and a grumpy old man next to him whose bitterness makes Jose or Rafa after a loss seem tame by contrast. WSD is the worst show on the radio. They sadly do have an advantage on the Gs as they are on Sirius and the Gs were booted off Sirius some time ago. So I listen to WSD reluctantly and podcast the CSRN shows from time to time.

  7. I too voted for CSRN but it is a matter of dumb and dumber. Dumb being the 2zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs and dumber being Cohen and his cast of idiot sidekicks. Both networks are a joke and you wonder why soccer doesn’t gain a foothold in this nation with a cast of idiots promoting the game like Richards, Bell, Cohen, Webster and Rogers. Sounds like a pretty decent law firm though, aye?

  8. To dra,

    Do you not realize that Sports Byline is a national over air radio network? By proxy they have more access to listeners than Sirius.

  9. My feeling on this is that both the 2Gs and Cohen are equally bad. But CSRN has some other decent shows like Divers and Cheats and the Treble. I voted for them because of those.

  10. i didnt vote. but like csrn. nice laid back chat, some mild humor.. generally pleasant..decent guests from time to time.. wsd assults the nerves…dont like them at all. they seem very childish, maybe their market is 13 year old boys?

    anyway, everyone should enjoy whatever they like…

  11. Obviously I have a dog in this fight but want to concur with the anonymous comment about reminding some of you that several of CSRN’s shows are picked up by Sports Byline.

    This gives CSRN an audience that isn’t measured accurately but also an inroad into the mainstream sports media and culture in the US that WSD doesn’t have.

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