No Hatton Fight on TV for Liverpool Players

For once, people living in the UK this weekend will get a taste of our own medicine — in the nicest way possible. That’s because the Ricky Hatton against Floyd Mayweather fight begins at 9pm ET (or later) making it a 2am UK event time.

For years, football fans in America have had to suffer with World Cup matches being played in the middle of the night as well as Premier League matches kicking off as early as 4:45am PT. That’s not just a once a year experience either. Tons of supporters on the west coast of the U.S. regularly get up that early each and every weekend.

The 2am UK event time has already made the news with Rafa Benitez banning Liverpool players from watching the Ricky Hatton fight so they can get their much-needed rest in time for Tuesday’s night massive Champions League tie against Marseille.

While Rafa is taking this stand, you know that the Liverpool players (or players of any club) will try to sneak in and watch the fight on TV. It’s the biggest fight of the year and knowing the footballers, they’ve got several huge bets riding on the event. There is no way that all of them are going to follow orders from Rafa.


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