Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask Billy Duffy

I’m awaiting final confirmation, but it looks very likely that I’ll be interviewing a different kind of guest this Sunday for the next episode of the EPL Talk Podcast.

The guest will be the first rock star to appear on the podcast. It’s Billy Duffy, lead guitarist from The Cult, the band that is best known for singles such as “Fire Woman,” “She Sells Sanctuary,” “Love Removal Machine” and their new single “Dirty Little Rockstar.”

What you may not know is that Billy is a massive Manchester City fan. On previous tours, he’s worn Man City shirts onstage and is friends with many other City fans who are also celebrities such as Johnny Marr (from The Smiths), Oasis and even Man City players themselves.

The longtime L.A. resident has also played for Hollywood United.

If you have any questions you’d like me to ask Mr. Duffy, please post them here. The interview is tentatively scheduled for this Sunday, December 9th.

5 thoughts on “Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask Billy Duffy”

  1. Speaking of him and Johnny Marr ..history has it he tought Johnny his 1st guitar moves, can he recall that event for us? I havent read much about what happened and when etc ..What did they play?

  2. Gaffer,

    This must be a heavenly interview for you. You’ll get to chat about The Cult and football. Brilliant ! I don’t have any questions but I am looking forward to hearing the podcast.


  3. Ask him about the time he was in The Nosebleeds (?) with the one and only Morrissey.

    The intensity of the City/United rivalry.

    Baz, NY

  4. hi billy im george the no. 1 cult fan my question for you is:

    Do you ever get bored of playing the likes of Sanctuary and Love Removal Machine and is that why you leave them out at some concerts??

  5. Sadly, the band’s management cancelled all interviews scheduled for today – their last day of their US tour. So no interview but I’ll keep on trying. It may be several months before the band returns to the US on tour (which will give me another opportunity to interview them).

    The Gaffer

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