My Soccer Club USA: Episode 38

Episode 38 of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast has been released. It is an interview with Trevor Hayward from My Soccer Club USA a group based on very successful British based My Football Club effort. As we announce at the end of the show, I have accepted an opportunity to co-host a show about US Soccer (focusing largely on the national team) on the Champions Soccer Radio Network. The website for the new show which will be debuting in the next few weeks is located here. It is however my plan to continue to do these podcasts to be released on this stream from time to time but obviously the release of future podcasts will be far less regular and subject to approval from CSRN.

I’ve enjoyed the show for the past eight months and hope that we can continue to bring it to you in the future. I want to thank all of our loyal listeners and contributors for their support and suggestions that have made this podcast so successful. Until next time, Enjoy your Football!

Kartik Krishnaiyer

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