Changes at EPL Talk

Keep an eye on EPL Talk in the next few weeks as we’re going to be launching a redesign and making some huge changes.

As the leading website in the United States for coverage of the world’s most popular sports league, the Premier League, we’re excited about we have in store for you. We’ll continue to focus on delivering some of the most insightful content as well as keeping you up to speed on the latest developments at Fox Soccer Channel, Setanta Sports and GolTV.

Plus we have several big surprises in store.

In the meantime, we’d like to wish the following people the best of luck in their new ventures: Mando, Hannah and Elisa from La Liga Talk and Serie A Talk, BC John from the EPL Talk Chat and Community, and Kartik Krishnaiyer from the EPL Talk Community.

It’s always tough to have your friends go, but at the same time, it’s rewarding to have seen the bloggers and podcasters grow from where they started to where they are now.

We want to thank them for all of their contributions and we hope they do well at CSRN.

2 thoughts on “Changes at EPL Talk”

  1. Very classy, but I cannot understand why anyone would leave a website with as hits as EPL Talk for a site with half as many visitors like CSRN. Sounds like a bad business move to me.

  2. My new show at CSRN will be debuting in the next week or two. (I will be the co-host of the show) It is also my hope that I can continue to do the MLS Talk Podcast at the same time. Today we released an interview with My Soccer Club USA and considering the content of the the two shows won’t really overlap.

    Here’s hoping everything works out for all parties involved.


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