EPL Talk: The Big 100

The EPL Talk Podcast is fast approaching its 100th episode. Since launching the podcast in April 2006 (the website kicked off in November ’05), we’ve brought you the only soccer interview show on the Internet featuring interviews with some of the biggest names in football from all walks of life within the sport.

I’ve got a couple of ideas brewing for the 100th episode, but I need your advice. First, I’m looking for a volunteer who would be interested in compiling a “Best Of” episode by taking excerpts from the best and funniest moments and putting them together as an MP3 file. I’m envisioning a special 2 hour episode, and the content would be completely up to you. If you’re interested, email me at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com and we can send you a special soccer gift in return for your hard work.

Second, I’m thinking of doing a special holiday episode (which may end up being the 100th episode if the “Best Of” episode doesn’t materialize). The question is who would you like to have featured on the episode and what topics would you like to cover with it being a holiday episode/end-of-the-year special?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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