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46% Want Harry Redknapp as Next England Manager

harry redknapp 46% Want Harry Redknapp as Next England Manager
In a recent poll of EPL Talk readers, 46% of those who responded think Harry Redknapp should be the next manager of England.

The Portsmouth manager is way ahead of the pack. With the way he’s been able to turn around Portsmouth and his proven experience at West Ham United, Redknapp remains a favorite with many soccer fans. Whether he’s capable of working his magic at an international level is a completely different story though.

Here’s who the rest of you voted for:

Fabio Capello, 26%
Martin O’Neill, 17%
Luis Scolari, 6%
Guus Hiddink, 1%
Alan Shearer, 1%
Marcelo Lippi, 0%

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3 Responses to 46% Want Harry Redknapp as Next England Manager

  1. tyduffy says:

    Unless England is somehow going to give him a huge transfer budget to go out and sign a bunch of unheralded Africans, I don’t see him being a productive choice.

    England need either an innovative inspiring manager or an established firm hand. Arry, alas, is neither.

  2. Simon Burke says:

    I like Harry and he likes people to play proper football but can he get it out of players schooled in the hoof it 50 yards and run (i am looking at you Gerrard!).
    My first pick is Maurinho but he wont take it when there are millions waiting for him at Barcelona/Madrid. My secon pick Hiddink , how he only has 1% i have no idea, he is a fabulous international manager. Thirdly Capello, proven at all levels of the game, Italian so you know he can defend and pass. Just dont know if we could dive up to his standards :)
    I like Shearer but having seen Stan at Ireland I cant think its a good idea and inexperienced Van Basten is getting chopped at Holland before July.
    I like Harry, he’s good with the media but does he deserve to be pilloried by the ignorant skinhead culture of England who boo everyone’s anthems before games? I would stay far clear if i were him as I would hate to see him join the ranks of other decent men who have become hated during the time: Bobby Robson, Kevin Keegan, Graham Taylor and Sir Alf Ramsey.

  3. The Gaffer says:

    Listening to Harry Redknapp’s interview on this week’s The Game Podcast from The Times, I was impressed. He was the right attitude and could be a good fit.

    The Gaffer

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