Euro 2008 to be Broadcast Over The Internet

Good news for web surfers who are soccer fans. Next summer’s Euro 2008 will be the first major international tournament to be broadcast in its entirety over the Internet. UEFA has developed a platform to show matches via pay-per-view according to

For web surfers in the UK, the cost will be 1.50 GBP per match. Presumably the cost for viewers in the United States will be roughly $3 per game.

This is promising news and, if the cost does equal $3, it’s reasonably priced to discourage people from using sopcasts and to watch it legally. In comparison, Fox Soccer Channel charges $4.99 for surfers to watch Premier League matches over the Internet on tape-delay.

4 thoughts on “Euro 2008 to be Broadcast Over The Internet”

  1. Who wants to see Euro 2008 with England out? I’m sorry but nobody in the US will care to see this event with our team out. ESPN wasted money on the rights fees.

  2. UEFA already does some Champions Leagues games on a pay-per-view basis. I’ve not tried the service as I just wait and watch the match a couple of hours later with my “basic” subscription. It’s $10 a game I think, compared to the $40 I pay for the entire season.

  3. Scout: they lowered it to 8 dollars a game this season.

    In addition, they’ve already been running a service for the Euro 2008 qualifiers. Those they’ve had an individual price of 6 dollars I believe, but they also had all-day packages for 8.

    I’ll put it this way: I doubt it will be 3 dollars when the service comes to America (at least not on a per-game basis). Maybe, however, on a complete package basis, it could be close to that.

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