45% of Readers Watch Premier League Matches Live on TV

During the past few weeks, EPL Talk ran a poll on this blog to find out how readers like you experience the Premier League — whether you watch it live, catch up with just the highlights, etc.

Here are the results with 86 people voting.

How do you typically watch your Premier League matches?

Live – 45%
Don’t watch any of the games – 28%
Delayed via DVR (or VCR) – 23%
Only watch highlights show – 3%

Surprisingly, 28% of the readers who voted don’t even watch Premier League matches. What?!? I can only assume that they follow it but don’t have time to watch the matches. Or they don’t have Fox Soccer Channel or Setanta Sports. If you can think of other reasons, please shine some light on this (click on the ‘comment’ link below).

Forty five percent of you watch matches live which is pretty impressive given the busy lives we all lead. What this says to me is that a large percentage of you readers are die-hard fans who support Premier League clubs.

Thanks for voting in the poll.

Now we can turn to the next one. Please take the poll in the left column and let us know who you want as the next England manager.

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