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EPL Talk TV Survey Results

Last week, we asked you — the readers — to rate EPL Talk TV and let us know what we could do to improve. EPL Talk TV is the latest innovation from us which features five minutes of Premier League news delivered to you via video each weekday morning.

Your feedback is vital and we value it greatly, so read on to see what you and your fellow readers thought and — based on the results — what changes we plan on EPL Talk TV Survey Results

In question one, 96% of you who were surveyed had viewed an episode of EPL Talk TV (if you haven’t seen it yet, visit

two EPL Talk TV Survey Results

Your answers to question two were very interesting. We asked you how you rated EPL Talk TV and 39% of you rated it above average to excellent. However, 36% of you rated it poor to fair, while 21% of you rated it average. In previous surveys EPL Talk has done, we’ve always strived to ensure that whatever we do ranks in the excellent or above average range since a lot of what we do is considered pretty unique and remarkable (the blog, podcast, chat, newsletter, etc).

Based on these results, EPL Talk TV isn’t having the same high marks as other aspects of EPL Talk that we’ve surveyed before.three EPL Talk TV Survey Results

We asked you whether you liked the schedule of EPL Talk TV followed by the EPL Talk Podcast each week, and the result was an emphatic yes.

four EPL Talk TV Survey Results

The good news is that the length of EPL Talk TV is considered just right with 71% of you agreeing.

five EPL Talk TV Survey Results

Surprisingly only 4% of you watched EPL Talk TV on a video iPod player, but most of you watched it via the blog with 61% of you experiencing it that way (although the number is probably skewed quite a bit since the survey was on the blog, and it’s less likely that the people who downloaded EPL Talk TV via the podcast stream who go online and vote via the blog since they’re using two completely separate mediums).

The final question was an open-ended one where we asked how we could improve. Here’s a selection of the answers as well as my response below:

“So far the video portion hasn’t been adding anything to the ‘cast, so I would much prefer a simple audio podcast I can listen to in the car”

“There is so much footie news out there, that EPL Talk news is not particular distinguished from the rest of pack of podcasts. The weekly interview show is very good however. Really a unique offering, and always enjoy it” 

“Keep working on the content, somehow it has to be made more unique” 

“To be honest, I think the daily news would be better delivered as audio only. I rarely watch video podcasts anyway, but there’s nothing (that I’m aware of) that you would need to actually *show* us here. Audio seems sufficient and is more convenient for me” 

“This does not look professional at all, in fact this looks like something you would see some kid do just for the heck of it. When you can go out to Football 365 and Teamtalk, along with ESPN Soccernet and watch something that is first rate top class professional quality, it makes your show look third or even fourth rate. Until the show looks remotely professional, don’t expect me to watch”

Thanks to everyone who contributed their valuable feedback. The consensus seems to be that most people prefer the audio format so they can listen to it on their way to work and that the video format doesn’t add much value since it’s just me, a talking head. The production quality needs work (although it has improved since the first episode of EPL Talk TV), and no we can’t compete with Soccernet or Football365 (we don’t have anything near the type of budgets they work with).

Based on the feedback, here’s what I’ve decided to do. EPL Talk TV will take a break and will come back in a different format. It’ll still be video but it’ll be released less often (once or twice a month for special shows when there’s content that is worth showing. I have a few surprises up my sleeve so keep an eye on the EPL Talk Blog here and the EPL Talk Podcast stream via iTunes for when those new episodes are released).

The EPL Talk Podcast, meanwhile, will continue every Friday and we’ll release audio podcast updates more often (not every weekday as I promised, but only when there’s news worth taking about or if we have an interview that’s too good to wait).

Please share your thoughts via the comment button below.

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3 Responses to EPL Talk TV Survey Results

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t argue with your conclusions there.

  2. Lance says:


    I like the podcast; I’m sure it takes some effort to keep this current. You don’t have, like, a paid JOB or FAMILY to attend to as well, do you? :)

    I agree with your recommendations; the uniqueness is key, and I think the interviews are what makes this special. Good luck, and I’ll be watching!

  3. The Gaffer says:

    Thanks for the kind words Lance. I appreciate it.

    The Gaffer

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