England Handed a Lifeline by Israel Win

Steve McClaren must be the luckiest man on earth today. In injury time between Israel and Russia in the Euro 2008 qualifier today, Russia had a shot that struck the post. If it went in, it would have been 2-1 to Russia and would have signaled England’s downfall. But, luckily for England and McClaren, the ball hit the post and went out for a goalkick. A few inches to the right and England’s hopes would have vanished.

On the counter attack, Israel then went ahead and scored a 92nd minute injury time winner after some horrible defending by Russia.

England now goes into Wednesday’s match against Croatia at Wembley knowing that a draw will be enough to qualify for Euro 2008. Thanks to Israel’s Omer Golan, England is now just 90 minutes away from qualifying and McClaren still has a job for another week.

3 thoughts on “England Handed a Lifeline by Israel Win”

  1. I saw Turkey outplay Norway on Setanta-and was flipping back and forth to the Israel-Russia game. There are 4 Balkan teams going to the tournament-Croatia, Turkey, Greece and Romania. England better pray not to get in a group with any of those because they will get humiliated. England has 3-4 world class players, but they still don’t have a team. Turkey were scary good yesterday(granted, Norway is a nation that should never be allowed to play football since they are bunch of talentless lumberjacks), but looking at the teams that are going through, maybe with the exception of the co-hosts and Poland, all the other TEAMS are probably better than England at the moment. England should consider itself lucky if it gets to the 1/4 finals(where they will again lose in penalties)…

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