MyFootballClub Interview and Premier League News

Pretty remarkable news in the Premier League today as:

  • The Walt Disney family are in acquisition talks with Derby County,
  • Steve Bruce looks set to join Wigan as their new boss,
  • Premier League opens up a website in China,
  • Michel Platini criticizes the U.S. owners in the Premier League,
  • And more.

We’re doing things a little differently today as a test. Rather than 5 minutes of Premier League news via video, we’ve got 10 minutes of Premier League news followed by a 10 minute interview with MyFootballClub to learn more about their purchase of the non-league club Ebbsfleet United.

Instead of video, today’s episode is a 30 minute audio podcast. Listen to it here.

We’ll be back tomorrow night or Saturday morning with the next episode of the EPL Talk Podcast featuring an interview with Caroline Gall, author of a new book about Leeds United hooligans entitled “Service Crew.”

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