One thought on “Injury Crisis for England and Chelsea: EPL Talk TV”

  1. Gaffer I tend to agree with you but I think you are harsh on McClaren and previous managing appointments. I always thought Sven was fine – 3 Quarter finals suddenly looks like he over acheived. McClaren is being forced to play people who cant start for their clubs due to the decreasing English players in the Premiership. I dont think any manager could get around this issue. Injuries to Beckham and Heskey have shown just how light England is on talent as we havent adequately replaced them. Our full team is pretty good but our overall squad isnt and no country ever seems to field their best 11 due to injury/suspension – our squad isnt good enough, our technical skills arent high enough and in 4 years we could be seeing several of our squad being drawn from the Championship while people continue to slate whatever manager is involved.

    This isnt to say I think McClaren is the best there is but he may have been the best available – Scolari said no. Curbishley wouldnt have been any better, O NEill would have been my pick but didnt get it. Maurinho would be everyone’s favourite to do it now as he knows English football well and has coached the Chelsea contingent but I dont know if he could get us to WC 2012 when we are so lightweight across the squad.

    I think McCLaren will stay on. Who else is available that you’d have if Maurinho doesnt want it.

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