Tottenham and Derby Chairmen Head to the U.S.

Pop question: Which two Premier League clubs have executives who are currently in the United States on business?

If you answered Tottenham Hotspur and Derby County, you’re correct. During the Spurs against Wigan Athletic match on Sunday, commentators Gary Taphouse and Tony Gale mentioned that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is currently in Florida on business. Tottenham’s current owners, the ENIC Group, owns many entertainment businesses worldwide and was the owner of an entertainment complex in Orlando, Florida named Church Street Station.

Derby County’s chairman Adam Pearson, meanwhile, is in the United States on a fundraising opportunity according to Sky Sports’s Through The Night programme. The question is who would be interested in investing in Derby County given the current predicament of the club and the weak value of the U.S. dollar?

Levy and Pearson aren’t the only football-related Brits who travel to the United States. Many of the top players and executives visit the country throughout the year either on business or pleasure. Thierry Henry visited Miami last year as did David Dein (on a separate trip). West Ham’s Anton Ferdinand infamously took a trip to South Carolina recently.

3 thoughts on “Tottenham and Derby Chairmen Head to the U.S.”

  1. The Head Office of the Tavistock Group is in Florida and Levy visits there on a regular basis – he also visits New York regularly as his office for Rock Investments is there.

  2. Steve McLaren was recently in the US (again!) as well; he was actually in LA with his wife and went to watch David Beckham and the Galaxy play against Hollywood United in that benefit exhibition for wildfire relief in SoCal.

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