Dempsey and Dolan On Song for Setanta Sports

This past Saturday was a perfect example of the gulf between the pundits on Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports.

During the pre-match, half-time and post-match of the Derby County against West Ham United game, pundits Paul Dempsey and Pat Dolan (pictured) from Setanta Sports asked pointed questions about the juvenile defending of Billy Davies’s side. 
Dempsey asked what Derby had been doing in training this past Monday through Friday because they obviously looked like a team that are getting worse, not better.
The pointed analysis was refreshing to hear.
Compare this to Fox Soccer Match Day where pundits Nick Webster and Keith Costigan often read from teleprompters and provide a very hyped analysis of teams with very broad strokes. To me, the show feels very American while Setanta’s Dempsey and Dolan (live from their studios in Dublin) concentrate on being more direct and simple. 
In this particular instance, simple is much better.


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