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If you wonder why clubs such as Portsmouth, Chelsea, Spurs, Everton and Liverpool are planning or considering moving into new stadiums in the near future, take a look at the chart below featuring the average attendances in the Premier League for the 2007-2008 season, as of November 5, 2007 (Happy Guy Fawkes Day, by the way):

1. Manchester United, Old Trafford, 75,614
2. Arsenal, Emirates Stadium, 60,021
3. Newcastle United, St. James’ Park, 50,778
4. Liverpool, Anfield, 44,065
5. Manchester City, City of Manchester Stadium, 42,278
6. Sunderland, Stadium of Light, 41,906
7. Chelsea, Stamford Bridge, 41,564
8. Aston Villa, Villa Park, 39,950
9. Everton, Goodison Park, 36,587
10. Tottenham Hotspur, White Hart Lane, 35,910
11. West Ham United, Boleyn Ground, 34,469
12. Derby County, Pride Park, 32,172
13. Middlesbrough, Riverside Stadium, 26,809
14. Birmingham City, St. Andrews, 26,434
15. Blackburn Rovers, Ewood Park, 23,346
16. Reading, Madejski Stadium, 23,161
17. Fulham, Craven Cottage, 22,310
18. Bolton Wanderers, Reebok Stadium, 21,047
19. Portsmouth, Fratton Park, 19,727
20. Wigan Athletic, JJB Stadium, 18,439

The average attendance so far this season is 35,901.

It’s interesting to see a club such as Sunderland, who have a very passionate and loyal fanbase, are above teams such as Chelsea, Spurs and Everton. Part of the reason is because Sunderland play in a ground that has a 49,000 capacity, while Chelsea, Tottenham and Everton can’t fit any more people in their grounds.

At the bottom of the chart, it’s no surprise to see Wigan who continually struggle to bring fans in as many of the residents in the area prefer rugby league to soccer.

10 thoughts on “Average Attendances in Premier League”

  1. I know that you’re just quoting the official figures and that attendance is tickets sold and not actually the number of people in the seats for a given game, but there is simply no way Middlesbrough is getting 26,800 people per game, and I highly doubt either Bolton or Wigan are getting their respective averages either. There’s way too many empty seats for that to be accurate.

  2. Gaffer,

    Any way to get top 20 attendances regardless of league?

    Would be interesting to see which teams in the championship or even league one (thinking of forest) that get more than Wigan, Boro, Fulham,etc.

  3. MJ:

    Middlesbrough’s ground has a capacity of 35,000+ so even with average attendances of 26,800, the ground looks like it has plenty of empty seats.

    Unlike American sports, Premier League attendances only count the number of people who show up to games instead of tickets sold.

    The Gaffer

  4. juoicnYet another peice of lazy journalism.
    Check out Wigan Rugbys average attendance figures (13,000 last season) before you next spout such utter drivel as they would rather have RL in Wigan.
    It wouldn’t be a bad idea to look at our history, longevity of being in the League, location and where we were 10 years ago either. IDIOT.

  5. Oh, I wasn’t aware attendance in the PL was measured as people in seats, I figured they just would go by tickets sold in an effort to inflate their attendance figures.

    That just further increases my doubt, however. I’m sorry, Boro aren’t getting 26,000 people a game, I don’t care what the capacity is, I’ve seen that stadium this season on TV and if there’s 26,000, I’m Cristiano Ronaldo, and likewise at Bolton and Wigan.

  6. In reply to Paul, your comment: Paul. said…”juoicnYet another peice of lazy journalism.
    Check out Wigan Rugbys average attendance figures (13,000 last season) before you next spout such utter drivel as they would rather have RL in Wigan…IDIOT”. Well I did some checking of figures and Wigan RL averaged 16,040. Considering all clubs in Super League average about 10,000 a game, quite a high figure. I’m surprised at the tone of your comment, especially when you don’t check your own facts too well.

  7. MJ:

    You must be Cristiano Ronaldo. Boro got 26,000 at the Riverside this past weekend against Spurs.

    The Gaffer

  8. I am sorry if my tone offended you but if the author had bothered to do a little research, and look at some other facts like the ones that I have since pointed out, instead of using the same old boring Rugby rubbish, I may not have had to reply in such a tone.

    Whether their average attendance is 13,000 or 16,000 (give or take 3,000 or so freebies every week) doesn’t really matter as WAFC are still the best supported club in Town anyway.

    To average around 20,000 spectators season on season in the PL from a town population of around 90,000 isn’t too bad whichever way you look at it.

  9. official figures are never completely accurate but there never that bad! good blog tho! interesting to know the facts!

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