Top 10 Most Visited Soccer Websites in the UK

For the week ending October 27, here are the ten most visited soccer websites in the UK:

1 Liverpool Football Club,, 5.16% market share
2 Manchester United,, 4.10%
3 TEAMtalk Football,, 3.67%
4,, 2.65%
5 Premier League,, 2.24%
6 Message Boards,, 2.03%
7 Tottenham Hotspur,, 1.98%
8 Leeds United,, 1.87%
9 Full Time,, 1.65%
10,, 1.18%

There are some interesting observations from this chart:

  • Despite Man United and Arsenal having two of the best websites in the UK, Liverpool’s inferior website is in first place. After all, the chart is based on traffic, not aesthetics.
  • The FootyMad message boards are more popular in terms of traffic than clubs such as Leeds and Spurs.
  • Where’s Chelsea’s website in this list? Of all of the clubs in “The Big Four,” Chelsea is not even in the top 10.

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Visited Soccer Websites in the UK”

  1. Five clubs on the top sites list…and one is a League One club who’ve had some difficult times lately. Guess they’ll be doing a Man City.

  2. I hate Arsenal’s website, its just a marketing opportunity and very biased at that (the lack of coverage and speculation surrounding Henry’s impending exit typifies it) – just shows you the average football fan cant see past marketing and bias. Disappointing. I cant speak to Liverpools site but my mate raves about it.

  3. I think most decent fans know that the official sites are quite shameful but they are a source of ticket news and injury news. I’m surprised Teamtalk is so high conidering it is just a news feed from the PA these days.

    This is worldwide traffic, it would be interesting to see the breakdown for the UK and the US. I spend too much time on football websites and I had never even heard of

    I do think it is sad that the official sites are happy to get involved in sad stuff like ringtones and crdit cards.

  4. “Liverpool’s inferior website is in first place” I’m shocked yet another bash at the reds, what is your problem with Liverpool FC?

  5. Really pleased to see Leeds United in the top ten, big club, big support, wrong division. There are at least 6 very active Leeds united forums/message boards on the go at the moment; and fans from all clubs big and small are increasingly connecting via the main social networking sites, Facebook, Myspace etc.




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