D’Alessandro Back With Maños

When a team wins love is in the air and things are great. When that situation changes, the same group of individuals do not seem to have that “love” as much any more. Fiery Argentine midfielder Andrés D’Alessandro returned to Zaragoza training after a tough past couple of days in which he saw himself in fights with Pablo Aimar and coach Víctor Fernández.

The latter was cause for him to be thrown out of practice earlier this week when he yelled at the coach for giving fellow Argentine midfielder Aimar “special priviliges”. This was the culmination of what led to the fisticuffs in Monday’s practice.

The Maño brass decided to take care of this issue quickly by instituting a zero tolerance policy on the player along with a fine of “historic” proportions.

D’Alessandro’s temper and big head (both literally and figuratively) are what have overshadowed his unbelievable talent. It was the cause of his departure from both Wolfsburg and Portsmouth. His arrival to Zaragoza seemed to be a perfect place to have a fresh start, but now things are not so rosy for him.

According to the meeting that the player had with club president Eduardo Bandrés, another act of indiscipline will have him suspended indefinitely or even worse.


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