FA Needs to Move to MyFootballClub Model

The English FA (Football Association) has decided to start the process of redesigning its website, TheFA.com, but what’s the point?

The FA even need to even redesign its site. Compared to most football websites, it’s better than average. It may look a little outdated, but other than the need to make it look more aesthetically pleasing, the site is fine as it is and functions rather well.

My question is what’s the business reason from the FA to redesign the site? What will the new redesign accomplish that the current site doesn’t already?

My concern is that the money spent to redesign the site could be better spent.

The FA would never do this, but imagine creating a website similar to MyFootballClub.com and encourage football supporters to pay for the right of voting for the next England manager and be involved in the running of the Football Association?

Besides that, the fans could be involved in the disciplinary hearings to vote on whether teams and players should be punished (by fines or points deductions, in rare cases).

This way, fans would be involved in the running of the game in England and could help restructure the organization into a 21st century association. It would be a revolutionary move, but the people in power at the FA and FIFA would never allow it.


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