Everton's Cries for a Penalty Against Liverpool Go Unheard

Everton was robbed of a draw against their Merseyside rivals in the 2-1 win by Liverpool today at Goodison Park.

In the final few minutes of the game, Joleon Lescott was clearly pulled down from behind in the box by Jamie Carragher. The decision by referee Mark Clattenburg not to award a penalty was a cruel blow for Everton who were playing with nine men after Hibbert and Neville had been sent off earlier in the match.

The controversial decision not to award a penalty again points to the need for the Premier League (and FIFA) to consider adopting technology to help referees. The fans watching home have the advantage of TV replays. Some of the managers on the touchline have devices where they can watch TV replays. The referee meanwhile is blind to all of this and can only call what he sees (or doesn’t see, in this case).

10 thoughts on “Everton's Cries for a Penalty Against Liverpool Go Unheard”

  1. Redknapp : Can you see his left hand tugging on Lescott’s shirt there ?
    Keys : Yes
    Reid : Yes
    Chimp : Yes
    Britain : Yes
    Redknapp : I dont think you can


  2. To be honest, I’ve seen worse not called before either. Mr. Clattenburg was right there and made the correct decision; if he thought at all that it deserved to be a penalty, he would’ve given it considering Liverpool already had two in the game.

    Lescott went down pretty easily in my opinion. He went looking for a penalty and wasn’t in a goal-scoring situation with his back to goal and not even in possession of the ball. Give me a break, move on.

  3. MJ,

    I know you can be shocking at times, but come on you can’t be serious? Are you sure your a qualified referee? I know the state of refereeing in CONCACAF isn’t the best in the world but if you think that wasn’t a penalty (and he was going for possession of the ball) what then is a penalty?

    Mr. Clattenburg wasn’t right. If you think otherwise turn in the whistle. It doesn’t matter how much contact was made. The fact of the matter was a penalty should have been called, end of story.

    And to anonymous at 2:14 pm, to say that is simply stupid. If you truly believe that, quit watching football.

  4. Lescott had been doing the same thing all game. The referee knew this and also knows that Carragher has enough experience not to try and wrestle someone over in the final minute of a game.

    And yes, it was some sort of payback for the Chelsea decision.

    Swings and roundabouts.

  5. Anonymous at 6:08:

    It’s not a penalty; Lescott went looking for one and Carragher had already gotten a touch on the ball. Lescott had his back to goal; and while I’m not saying he took a dive, he went down easily.

    Mr. Clattenburg recognized this and didn’t award the PK. As I said before, he had every single excuse to give one and he didn’t because he was sure it didn’t merit a spot kick.

    Listen, I’m not even a Liverpool supporter, I looked at this from a nonbiased point of view. Yes, it was a close call but he was in the right position and made the decision. Goalmouth scrums such as these are always rough and tumble, bodies fly everywhere and contact will always be made.

    Not a penalty kick, end of story.

  6. MJ,

    Well it looks like the Premier League believe you are wrong or they wouldn’t have suspended him from this weekend’s fixtures.

    I know your not a Liverpool supporter (your brother is however) however to say he went down easily being an excuse for a non call is quite frankly a joke. There was enough contact made to warrant a penalty and the fact none was given, the fact everyone but you seem to agree it should have been a penalty, and that Clattenburg is going to be sitting a round of games (quite frankly if it wasn’t for the fact they’re are not enough top flight referees it should be more), validates what I’ve said and taken just a little bit of credibility from yours.

  7. Gerard went ran towards Goal with 1 thing in mind… Extent his right leg, clip on Hibbert, and the both go tumbling down in the penalty area. Gerard was never gonna score that goal, so the best alternative was to “dive”.

    Next, moan to the referee that he was “going for goal” and that deserved a red card.

    Kuyt’s kung fu style challenge got only a yellow card, because Mark Clattenburg has close ties with Liverpool FC.

    Lescotts 2 penalty claims not given. Why? Because he is not Gerard and there does not have enough “authority” to complain to the referee.

    And the most idiotic thing I’ve even heard was from the manager of liverpool saying Lescott dived? It’s either Rafa is blind or just plain stupid. Gerards penalty looked more like a dive to everybody on this planet.


  8. Clattenburg not refeering this weekend isn’t solely based on the penalties he gave or didn’t give. If you go by the letter of the law, Kuyt should’ve been sent off for his two-footed lunge (even though he didn’t make contact, there was still intent).

    He also looked indecisive on what color card to give Hibbert after he took Gerrard down in the box. TV clearly showed he had the yellow pulled out and then decided to go with the red. It may be that he just reached into the wrong pocket by accident and planned to go with red all along; but you can’t make it look like anything possibly said by Gerrard influenced his decision. At the end, red was the only color he could’ve given because Hibbert was the last man back and denied what would’ve been a sure goal for Gerrard. If that same foul occurred in the middle of the field, it may not have been a card at all but it didn’t.

    Look, I’ll agree with everyone that Clattenburg had a tough go of it in this game. However, I believe the only reason he’s not working games this weekend is because of the public outlash against him and not his actual performance. Referees have been worse (see Mike Dean nearly every game, that cardmonger) and not been punished.

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