Premier League Fantasy Football Tip of the Week

Since there was no issue of the EPL Talk Email Newsletter this week due to the international break, here’s the latest Premier League Fantasy Football tip from EPL Talk blogger Jeremy Lay:

Bye Week Strategy

While most players are content to sit tight on their selections during a bye week, some circumstances might lead you to consider making a move. Remember that player values are based on transfers in/out, but not on that player’s injury / suspension status or performance. If you already know that a key player will be injured or suspended for the next GameWeek, transfer him out early before others do the same- you might be able to get a better value for him.

We’re talking about saving a hundred thousand punds or so- so it’s not critical. But astute managers keep an eye on their team values as much as they do on their point totals. If you manage to continue making smart moves throughout the first half of the season, you’ll be able to leverage those extra pounds into a more powerful roster for the second half of the year!

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