07/08 Ticket prices for Premier League Clubs

As you’re sitting at home watching Premier League, spare a thought for the punters who are paying significant amounts to watch their home team play. How much? Scroll through the prices below to see the top prices for each category of matches.

Category A matches are usually those versus the big four (although some clubs will expand that to include local derbies, etc). Category B is typically your lower-position teams. Click on the club’s name to find out the full details.

The only club where I was unable to find accurate information was Wigan Athletic, who — despite the fact that their club website proclaims they’re “the home of the best value football in the Premiership” — fail to conveniently list their prices for the season.

The prices indicated show the highest and lowest for each category. For example, the lowest price for a category A ticket at Arsenal is £46, while the highest is £94.

Arsenal: £94/£46 (A), £66/£32 (B)
Aston Villa: £35/£20 (A), £33/£19 (B), £31/£15 (W)
Birmingham City: £48/£35 (AA), £15/£15 (C)
Blackburn Rovers: £35/£25 (A), £20/£15 (B)
Bolton Wanderers: £39/£31 (A+), £36/£28 (A), £32/£24 (B), £29/£21 (C)
Chelsea: £53/£48 (Premier League), £36/£35 (Champions League), £25/£25 (FA Cup), £20/£20 (League Cup).
Derby County: £44/£33 (AA), £42/£31 (A&B), £40/£29 (C&D)
Everton: £34/£28 (versus Middlesbrough, 9/30/07)
Fulham: £50/£35 (A), £45/£30 (B), £38/£25 (C)
Liverpool: £36/£34 (A), £34/£32 (B)
Manchester City: £34/£28 (A), £30/£25 (B), £26/£21 (C)
Manchester United: £44/£12.50
Middlesbrough: £32/£24 (versus Chelsea, 10/20/07)
Newcastle United: £45/26 (A), £40/23 (B), £36/20 (C)
Portsmouth: £41/£34
Reading: £41/£39 (platinum), £38/£36 (gold), £34/£32 (silver)
Sunderland: £30/£25 (A), £25/£20 (B)
Tottenham Hotspur: £71/£39 (A), £52/£32 (B), £42/£27 (C)
West Ham United: £61/£43 (A), £49/£34 (B)
Wigan Athletic: ?/? (A), ?/? (B), £15/£15 (C)

Easiest ticket price structures to understand: Manchester United and Portsmouth (no categories, just one set price depending on the area of the ground where your seats are).

Fairest ticket pricing structure (fairest not cheapest): Chelsea for breaking down ticket prices for the different types of competitions: Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup.

Most complicated ticket price structure: Bolton with four different price structures. Chelsea has four, too, but theirs is easier to understand. For Bolton, you’d have to cross-reference the fixtures to find out which ones are considered AA, A, B and C.

Most difficult club websites to find ticket prices:

  • Birmingham (not available except on a match-by-match basis)

  • Everton (you have to log into their e-ticketing service to find ticket prices for each match; even then, it’s not easy to find prices without having to click several times)
  • Liverpool (very difficult to find; I found the information on their version of their website optimized for mobile phones)
  • Middlesbrough (ticket price page lists season ticket prices only, and you have to log into their e-ticketing service to find ticket prices for each match; even then, it’s not easy to find prices without having to click several times)
  • Wigan (another club guilty of using the e-ticketing service, which is absolutely awful)


  • Ticket prices are for adult non-members and doesn’t include corporate sections or sports bars prices (i.e. Newcastle).

  • Prices are subject to change (as they often do) and are accurate as of September 26, 2007.

13 thoughts on “07/08 Ticket prices for Premier League Clubs”

  1. Ticket prices should be the same no matter who the opponent and no matter what the competition, whether it be the Champions League, UEFA Cup, Premier League, Carling Cup, or FA Cup.

    It’s ridiculous to have all these conditions and stipulations; a game is a game is a game. It’s not fair for the fan to have to pay more just to see one of the “Big Four”. Ticket prices are already high enough.

  2. I’m British, and I’d be interested to know the average ticket price for a baseball, basketball, NFL or American soccer game.

    If someone could provide that info I’d be grateful.

    Is there similar uproar about ticket prices there?

    Also what’s the average attendance for these American sports (do they regularly sell out for example)?

  3. Here in the States, we don’t hear much about ticket prices. Prices do change depending on the opponent (for instance, tickets to Fenway Park would be much more expensive if the Yankees were playing than if the Royals were playing).

    I don’t know a lot about the NFL or NBA ticket prices, but baseball prices range from about $20 to maybe $100 or more, depending on the section. The minor league baseball games are much cheaper, often having no ticket over $50.

    I do know quite a bit about soccer prices, since those are the games that I go to. In Chicago, season ticket for standing section is $200 for next season. Aside from luxury suites, the most expensive tickets are roughly $60. All of the MLS teams upped their prices for games against the Galaxy, ostensibly because of Beckham, so the cheapest tickets for that were $40.

    For nonleague matches, ticket prices drop quite a bit. All tickets for Open Cup matches were $20, regardless of section.

    Pricing does go up in other markets, but not by much (except maybe in LA). Chicago, I believe, has the cheapest pricing in the league. Lower league matches have very cheap tickets, as in baseball.

  4. The best comparison between the Premier League and an American sport would be the NFL (American football or gridiron).

    The NFL plays a 15 game regular season schedule (15 games for 15 weeks and 1 off week) and then has the playoffs. In comparison, baseball plays 182 games, so a midweek home game can be very cheap and the high price of Red Sox, Yankees and a few other teams skew prices.

    So here are some NFL stats:
    League Revenue: $5.8 Billion
    Average player salary: $1.4 million
    Average attendance: 67,738
    Average percent of stadium filled for a regular season game:90%

    Average NFL ticket: $62.38 (£31)
    Highest Average ticket: $90.80 (£45) – New England Patriots
    Lowest Average ticket: $41 (£20.50) – Buffalo Bills
    Average parking fee (everyone drives to the game): $25

    This compares to about the same as the EPL, though I would say that the current dollar to pound exchange rates makes the NFL tickets look a little cheaper to a Brit than they actually are to the average American.

  5. Just a couple corrections loman..

    First of all, the NFL plays a 16-game regular season schedule, not 15 as you said. It’s 16 games plus a bye week; 17 weeks in the regular season. I also can pretty much guarantee that NFL stadiums are much more than 90% full on average as you claimed.

    Secondly, MLB uses a 162-game schedule, not 182.

    Not sure where you’re getting your facts.

  6. Tracey,

    As to your question about average attendances for those American sports, I’ll do my best to answer.

    Because MLB, and we won’t talk about Minor League Baseball (which set a new attendance record this year), uses a 162-game regular season schedule, sellouts are uncommon. There are only a few teams that sellout every home game or, at the least, come very close, and those are Boston, Los Angeles (Angels), Chicago (Cubs), San Francisco (only because of Barry Bonds but that will end next season), and New York (Yankees). The other 25 teams rarely, if ever, sell out.

    Go to the page at the bottom of this paragraph for the complete figures. Be warned, however, that the numbers there reflect tickets sold, not actual attendance. The 5 teams I mentioned above are the only ones who regularly sell out their home games.

    As far as basketball goes, you’d have to identify whether you’re talking about college basketball or the NBA. Major college basketball games sell out routinely, with the student sections providing an atmosphere that is probably the most lively of any sport in America and, I will argue to no end, more lively than that found at Premiership games. Look up the Cameron Crazies at Duke University for more information.

  7. Over here in Germany we have the best watched league in Europe with the highest average attendances.

    This is in no small part down to the pricing structure. You can watch a Bundesliga game atttended by 80,000 people (my example is Dortmund) for £8.50 with reductions for youngsters, pensioners etc.

    A season ticket would cost £110.

    Admittedly it is standing but some people (including myself) actually prefer it.

  8. For Major League Soccer, the prices for most single game tickets range from about $15 (£7.50) for the lower attended teams, to $70 for some seats at LA Galaxy (£35). The average is probably somewhere in the $20-$30 dollar range (£10-£15).

    These prices do not include club level seats, which can be in the neighborhood of $200.

  9. “Liverpool (very difficult to find; I found the information on their version of their website optimized for mobile phones)”

    Hmmm, pretty easy for me. One of the main headings is ‘Tickets’ – Choose ‘How to apply’ and scroll down the page. So basically one click of the button from the homepage.


  10. Although the prices do look cheaper in the US whats the average salary how does that compare to the UK and does this mean tickets for game take up roughly the same amount of a persons income. Irrespective of that its probably the quality your paying to watch, the EPL is the best in the world (in my opinion) and played at a different tempo to others. I also see the reasoning behind different prices for different games, more people want to see Man U Vs Man City than Man U V Portsmouth (Im a portsmouth fan). To sell tickets for FA cup 2nd round where Chelsea play Forest Green they have to drop ticket prices as this game is not as big an attraction as Chelsea v Arsenal. Also going back to supply and demand, good for The Bundesliga filling 80,000 seater stadiums unfortunately the only football stadium in England over 80,000 is Wembly. (SUPPLY and DEMAND)

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