07/08 Ticket prices for Premier League Clubs

As you’re sitting at home watching Premier League, spare a thought for the punters who are paying significant amounts to watch their home team play. How much? Scroll through the prices below to see the top prices for each category of matches.

Category A matches are usually those versus the big four (although some clubs will expand that to include local derbies, etc). Category B is typically your lower-position teams. Click on the club’s name to find out the full details.

The only club where I was unable to find accurate information was Wigan Athletic, who — despite the fact that their club website proclaims they’re “the home of the best value football in the Premiership” — fail to conveniently list their prices for the season.

The prices indicated show the highest and lowest for each category. For example, the lowest price for a category A ticket at Arsenal is £46, while the highest is £94.

Arsenal: £94/£46 (A), £66/£32 (B)
Aston Villa: £35/£20 (A), £33/£19 (B), £31/£15 (W)
Birmingham City: £48/£35 (AA), £15/£15 (C)
Blackburn Rovers: £35/£25 (A), £20/£15 (B)
Bolton Wanderers: £39/£31 (A+), £36/£28 (A), £32/£24 (B), £29/£21 (C)
Chelsea: £53/£48 (Premier League), £36/£35 (Champions League), £25/£25 (FA Cup), £20/£20 (League Cup).
Derby County: £44/£33 (AA), £42/£31 (A&B), £40/£29 (C&D)
Everton: £34/£28 (versus Middlesbrough, 9/30/07)
Fulham: £50/£35 (A), £45/£30 (B), £38/£25 (C)
Liverpool: £36/£34 (A), £34/£32 (B)
Manchester City: £34/£28 (A), £30/£25 (B), £26/£21 (C)
Manchester United: £44/£12.50
Middlesbrough: £32/£24 (versus Chelsea, 10/20/07)
Newcastle United: £45/26 (A), £40/23 (B), £36/20 (C)
Portsmouth: £41/£34
Reading: £41/£39 (platinum), £38/£36 (gold), £34/£32 (silver)
Sunderland: £30/£25 (A), £25/£20 (B)
Tottenham Hotspur: £71/£39 (A), £52/£32 (B), £42/£27 (C)
West Ham United: £61/£43 (A), £49/£34 (B)
Wigan Athletic: ?/? (A), ?/? (B), £15/£15 (C)

Easiest ticket price structures to understand: Manchester United and Portsmouth (no categories, just one set price depending on the area of the ground where your seats are).

Fairest ticket pricing structure (fairest not cheapest): Chelsea for breaking down ticket prices for the different types of competitions: Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup.

Most complicated ticket price structure: Bolton with four different price structures. Chelsea has four, too, but theirs is easier to understand. For Bolton, you’d have to cross-reference the fixtures to find out which ones are considered AA, A, B and C.

Most difficult club websites to find ticket prices:

  • Birmingham (not available except on a match-by-match basis)
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