Talk About Exodus By Chelsea Players Is Despicable


Reports of Chelsea players considering an exodus from Stamford Bridge now that Mourinho has left are eye-opening. After all, who do the Chelsea players give their allegiance to (other than the almighty pound)? Is it Chelsea Football Club or Jose Mourinho?

For the manager to become bigger than the club is dangerous ground for football chairmen. While Mourinho has obviously built a close trust, respect and relationship with his players, the stars at Chelsea need to grow some balls and concentrate on playing for their club and winning matches. After all, even with Mourinho in charge, Chelsea has looked a shadow of themselves for the longest time. When was the last time they put in an awe-inspiring performance?

What’s revealing to me about this proposed exodus is that it’s the foreign contingent of players that are the ones expressing a desire to leave. No word from the English camp of players.

My belief is that the current episode in the Chelsea soap opera will show what the players are made of and whether they truly are world-class players. They have the talent to win the Premier League but have shown they’ve been lacking the killer instinct and character worthy of being champions.

If Drogba, Carvalho, Essien, Ferriera, Malouda and Makelele want to leave, it shows how spineless they are. What they need to do is go on to the pitch this Sunday against Old Trafford and win the match for Jose Mourinho and show what legacy he has left behind at Chelsea. Dedicate the win to Jose.

But, what we’re reading about the player’s thoughts, their minds will be elsewhere this Sunday and the Blues could be in for a hiding.


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