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Is Jose Mourinho Heading to Tottenham?

jose mourinho Is Jose Mourinho Heading to Tottenham?
In April of this year, EPL Talk speculated that Tottenham Hotspur could be Jose Mourinho’s next destination.

EPL Talk was derided for the article by Spurs fans who proclaimed “Rubbish” and “Stick with Jol and do it the Spurs way,” and even “Give me Jol anytime, moaner Mourinho is not wanted by Chelsea and definitely not Tottenham, we are getting there and the five year plan is working well.” And those were some of the nice things that were said in the comments section!

However, now that Mourinho has left and Martin Jol’s position at Spurs is as precarious as ever, now would be the perfect time for The Special One to take over the top position at White Hart Lane. If Tottenham misses this opportunity to act, they can kiss their chances of ever getting Mourinho and they can kiss their chances of winning a trophy or having a successful season in the near future.

Mourinho could make an immediate impact at Tottenham as he did at Chelsea where Claudio Ranieri had the foundation of a good team (as Spurs has) but was unable to turn that into a consistent record on the pitch.

Tactically, Mourinho would make a massive difference at Spurs overnight. Instead of the white half of North London giving up their one-nil leads and eventually losing more times than I care to remember under Jol, Mourinho would be able to give Spurs the experience of how to hold on to those leads.

If Tottenham wants to be a top four club and wants to win silverware, it needs to be audacious and focused on acquiring Mourinho’s signature. This isn’t a time for the club to dawdle. They need to act now and act fast.

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7 Responses to Is Jose Mourinho Heading to Tottenham?

  1. Anonymous says:

    im a life long spurs fan and i think jol is a great manager. he took us places we havent been for years. jol is having a hard time now and we must stick with him. Now that jose ia available….mmmmmmmmm. makes you think?? if jol was to go, jose would be great for spurs.. dont go marty, we all think it’ll work out in the end. uefa cup is still on. tonight we are gonna show them and jose what we are made of. Martin Jol is a god, so is Jose but i still have faith in the big man..Tonight berbs and defoe (if he starts, looks that way) are going to light the place up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mourinho probably has a clause in his contract that he can’t join an EPL club for a year.

    I think he would be a great manager, provided we lost the Director of Football role that couses so many problems.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Mourinho probably has a clause in his contract”

    WHAT contract is that then ?!!!

    I can guarantee you that no such thing exists and if, and its a big IF, Jose wanted to go to Spurs, then he WILL.

    But that aint gonna happen.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I reckon Jose will end up at ManU next season.

  5. The Scout says:

    Jose at ManUtd? That would be great is Sir Alex stepped down but I still don’t see him doing that anytime soon.

    The hot rumour is that he’ll be taking over as head coach of Portugal.

  6. JLay says:

    Hmm, managing a bunch of overpriced, underperforming players that just don’t work together?

    I think Jose’s been there, done that already…

    By the way, Spurs’ issues lie with team management and the players as much as they do with Jol.

    Jol’s made some questionable tactical decisions for sure, but he gets too much blame.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There is only EPL club that will fit Jose M.:


    There is absolutely no chance Jose M. will go to Tottenham.

    I am betting that Jose M.’s next port of call will be INTER MILAN.

    Roberto Mancini better watch out especially after losing at Fenerbahce. One more bad loss to a small team and the Pirelli clan will get rid of him.

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