Do You Fit The Stereotype Soccer Fan?

As a soccer fan, are you overweight, balding, religious and enjoy playing video games? And do you have debt in the form of student loans, like riding dirtbikes, remember the 1970s, occasionally rent a car and are looking for cheaper auto insurance?

According to Fox Soccer Channel, that’s the type of viewer you are — or at least who their advertisers think you are. Those are the products and services that advertisers are selling during a typical one hour block of time on Fox Soccer Channel.

As most of the FSC viewers are males aged 18-35, you’re a prime target for advertisers. The good news is that as Fox Soccer Channel attracts more viewers, the quality of advertisers has increased. The bad news is that we still have to suffer through other type of ads. Advertisements about erectile dysfunction, get rich quick schemes and sometimes awful Fox Soccer Channel promos.

We can’t complain though. Stereotype us as much as advertisers like, but just keep on spoonfeeding us our real football. Please sir, I want some more.

4 thoughts on “Do You Fit The Stereotype Soccer Fan?”

  1. Don’t forget unemployed!

    I’m actually surprised their aren’t more beer advertisements? Is there some kind of regulation against having those in the morning?

  2. balding – no
    overweight – yes
    religious – heavens, no
    video games – hate ’em
    debts – not so much
    riding dirtbikes – what?
    remember the 70s – yes, fondly
    occasionally rent a car – yes, on hols
    erectile dysfunction – I’ve had my moments
    get rich quick schemes – no thanks

    You can pass on the feedback if you like

  3. I get the feeling that watching soccer must leave you with “performance and control problems” since I think we see those 4 times an hour.

    The get rich quick scheme is a new one that seems to be on all the time now.

    Interesting that Countrywide is still advertising.

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