The Guardian Guilty of Sloppy Journalism Again

Martin Jol has accused English football reports of a conspiracy. Quoted in The Guardian newspaper, Jol stated that “I feel there are two worlds here in London. There is you guys and then there are the supporters who read your papers. Although they read your papers they are still backing me and that’s a great feeling.”

While Jol would be wise to focus on his team tactics and helping his footballers get much needed shooting practice, he does have a point about the conspiracy.

For example, we all know that Tottenham tried to acquire Juande Ramos’s signature to become the next manager of Spurs, but now that the North London club has hit a bad patch of form again, the rumors are rampant in the British press that Ramos is being lined up again to replace Jol.

What I find inexcusable, however, is The Guardian’s article about the topic and how Spurs is courting Ramos yet again despite the fact that there isn’t one quote or source named in the article. Read it for yourself and tell me what proof they have that Ramos is being courted for the position again.

If The Guardian and another newspapers resort to writing articles like that, they are contributing to the conspiracy. Sure, Jol’s job is on the line, but what proof do the reporters have that Ramos is still in the running?

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