Premier League Media Coverage News

  • Weekly highlights from Fox Soccer Channel are now available on TivoCast, a relatively new service for Tivo customers.

  • Irish musician Sinead O’Connor, of all people, is the latest music artist to record a song for Fox Soccer Channel, which is now being aired on the channel. The Rising Sound’s “Get In The Game” has been heard for months on the network.
  • GolTV will be showing the Euro 2008 qualifier this Saturday at 2:50pm ET between Italy and France.
  • A report from England says that Setanta Sports will struggle to find new subscribers.
  • SkySports are reading what the masses are saying on Facebook and have made an important change to how the screen looks for matches on TV.

2 thoughts on “Premier League Media Coverage News”

  1. Big coup for Gol TV! Wow, That’s great news. I’ll be distracted with an American football match at the time, but will certainly try and keep an eye on it.

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