Interview with Dougie Brimson

Author Dougie Brimson is this week’s featured guest on the EPL Talk Podcast.

The Guardian describes Brimson as “football aggro’s pornographer in chief,” but he’s better known by many as the screenwriter of the movie “Green Street Hooligans” starring Elijah Wood about the rivalry between West Ham United and Millwall hooligans.

Brimson is the author of nearly a dozen books on the topic of hooliganism, both fiction and non-fiction. His other books include “The Crew,” “Billy’s Log” and “Kicking Off.”

During the interview, Brimson discusses his upcoming book on the topic of whether hooliganism could find a place in the United States. Plus he discusses how prevalent hooliganism is within the Premier League, the secrecy of Arsenal hooligans, his first memories of football matches and much more.

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One thought on “Interview with Dougie Brimson”

  1. A standout in a long line of excellent interviews by the Gaffer. You want to hear more after listening to the podcast.

    Not only a interesting guest but one who appreciates the positive impact of American’s on English football and the football world in general. Some members of the English football press can certainly learn a few things from Dougie.

    I’ll be looking for his next book for sure.

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