MLS News, Notes and Rumors

  • The Miami Herald reported Monday that the city of Miami is actively seeking an MLS franchise for a proposed new stadium that will replace the Orange Bowl. Last week, the University of Miami Football team announced they would vacate the stadium in favor of Dolphin Stadium.
  • The Boston Globe reports that the Revolution are on the verge of signing Dusan Petrovic, who played for Serbia & Montenegro in 2006 World Cup.
  • The Times of London continues to fuel the almost never ending drum beat about Jurgen Klinsmann replacing Frank Yallop and/or Alexi Lalas in this article.
  • Freddy Adu has not left the bench for Benfica since Jose Antonio Camacho took over the club.

6 thoughts on “MLS News, Notes and Rumors”

  1. I cannot believe that the Galaxy continue to keep Yallop on the job. We are a complete disgrace to the legecy of the franchise right now. Back in the day we’d get more goals in the run of play in a week than we’ve scored in MLS games over the past two months, excluding the game in NY. I understand Donovan is moving back to San Jose next year in all likelyhood. I’m tempted to move with him if Yallop and Lalas are still in charge.

  2. I voted for Chivas in that poll. I think they will win the regular season title with Preki coaching the way Yallop should, and Galindo banging them in. I am humiliated that Chivas is 22 points ahead of us in the table. It is a complete sham of a team AEG is currently running, more concerned with b/s TV shows like that damn Beckham MLS show on FSC and glitzy press events at the HDC rather than the product on the field. The fact that Chivas has built such a winner under our nose is further proof that Lalas and Yallop both need a one way ticket back to San Jose.

  3. No it’s me Football Detective. You eurosnobs won’t believe it but I’m with you on the Galaxy now. Perhaps it is a demonstration of how much better MLS is than the EPL that Beckham’s team is having difficulty and the refs aren’t in the tank for his team the way the always were for Manchester United.

  4. The Chicago Tribune has reported that the Chicago’s Fire new and great addition Blanco has declared himself to be a Chicago Cub fan. Citing his liking of Wrigley Field as the main reason Chicago’s newest sports hero has clearly made the right choice in baseball teams to support.

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