GolTV Pass on Arsenal TV and Liverpool TV

A GolTV spokeswoman has confirmed that GolTV has decided not to continue its coverage of Arsenal TV and Liverpool TV. The 24/7 soccer network aired the shows last season.

Setanta Sports currently shows MUTV and Chelsea TV. Due to a rule by the Premier League, each soccer network can show no more than two club TV channels. This leaves room for both Fox Soccer Channel and GolTV to add club TV channels in the future to their network.

In the UK and Ireland, Setanta is the exclusive distributor of the new Liverpool TV. There’s no word yet whether Fox or any other network will purchase the rights in the United States and Canada.

8 thoughts on “GolTV Pass on Arsenal TV and Liverpool TV”

  1. Not a bad thing. GOL TV has focused on all things Latino and the EPL clubs didn’t fit their brand. That and now they have so much Bundesliga coverage that competes directly with the EPL for viewers and attention among non-Latino, Northern European ex-pats, why give the opposition any air.

  2. “GolTV has decided not to continue its coverage of Arsenal TV and Liverpool TV”

    How can they decide not to continue coverage of Liverpool TV when it will only come into existence next month!

  3. There is no need for GolTV to even consider LiverpoolTV or ArsenalTV programming until the 2009-2010 season.

    The next EPL international TV contract covers 2010-2011 through 2011-2013 seasons.

    GolTV has cut back in the short term by dropping Serie A, which has gone to FOX Soccer Channel/FOX Sports en Espanol in the US and ESPN/ESPN DOS/ESPN Mas in Spanish-speaking Latin America.

  4. GOL TV is really banking on La Liga and the South American qualifiers to increase Latino viewership. They also may do well with the Bundesliga based on the interest Mexicans have paid to Stutgart since Pardo and Osorio went over there.

  5. Arsenal TV was rubbish, i am a gooner and I can happily say it was crap. I dont like any of the clubcentric stations – all very biased. Would rather impartial real time match coverage.

  6. But the point is that we now can’t get full coverage of Arsenal. Arsenal is leading the league so far. I have FSC and Goltv. I have only been able to watch three Arsenal games. That’s all that has been aired on FSC. ESPN2 covers Champions League, but so far they’ve chosen to show Man U matches because they’re a “bigger” club. Since Goltv broadcast ArsenalTV, I literally never missed a single match last year. I think it’s a real shame that they dropped ATV and LTV.

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