Man United Looks Ordinary & Predictable

Manchester United’s poor start to the season has fooled many critics and fans who felt they would storm out of the gates especially with the signing of Carlos Tevez who was so electrifying during this summer’s Copa America.

If you think back to one year ago (August 2006), many critics (myself included) predicted Man United would have a bumpy start to the season especially after Ruud van Nistelrooy exited the club and United made no new signings worth mentioning. United, of course, went on to win the league.

Analyzing Man United’s tactics in their match against Manchester City, the team looked ordinary without Cristiano Ronaldo. The team also were extremely predictable. Almost all of their attacks seemed to be down the wings where the ineffective Nani was unable to get crosses into the box after the Man City defenders closed down the area almost every single time.

What United needs is their blazing attacks down the middle that were at their best when Ronaldo and Rooney linked up time after time. Ronaldo is irreplaceable (the closest to come to him is Anderson, but he’s injured). If the Red Devils can make it through the next two matches until Ronaldo returns, the side should be able to get back to their winning ways.


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