2007/2008 Premier League Predictions

The past few weeks for EPL Talk have been extremely hectic (and that was even before the hospital episode). In addition to helping launch two new podcasts (La Liga Talk and Serie A Talk), I’ve been working on the redesigned web site, launching SoccerOnDish.com, interviewing people for the EPL Talk Podcast and more. What I found is that I ran out of time to add my predictions for the 2007/2008 Premier League season.

So slightly delayed, here are my predictions for the 2007/2008 Premier League season:

1. Manchester United
2. Chelsea
3. Arsenal
4. Liverpool
5. Blackburn Rovers
6. Tottenham Hotspur
7. Everton
8. Manchester City
9. Aston Villa
10. Portsmouth
11. Newcastle United
12. Sunderland
13. Fulham
14. Middlesbrough
15. Reading
16. West Ham United
17. Derby County
18. Bolton Wanderers
19. Birmingham City
20. Wigan Athletic

Who are your picks? Share them below by clicking the ‘comments’ link and we’ll compare and contrast on the EPL Talk Blog at the end of the season.

8 thoughts on “2007/2008 Premier League Predictions”

  1. I’ll not make my definitive preds til the transfer window ends and we’ve seen the teams in action a bit. But some comments on yours:

    1. Manchester United – top two, yes
    2. Chelsea – they’ll win it if injuries don’t interfere
    3. Arsenal – seems too high a position
    4. Liverpool – no comment
    5. Blackburn Rovers – too high
    6. Tottenham Hotspur – they’ll be top six yes
    7. Everton – depends who Moyes signs
    8. Manchester City – top half just I reckon
    9. Aston Villa – boring mid-table outfit
    10. Portsmouth – higher given the new signings
    11. Newcastle United – top half deffo
    12. Sunderland – they’ll finish lower without looking like going down
    13. Fulham – lower lower lower
    14. Middlesbrough – just above the drop zone perhaps
    15. Reading – won’t struggle as much as this suggests
    16. West Ham United – Curbs will get them into top half
    17. Derby County – candidates for relegation, yes
    18. Bolton Wanderers – mid-table, I think, esp with new new gaffer
    19. Birmingham City – there or thereabouts for the chop aye
    20. Wigan Athletic – about right


  2. 1- Chelsea
    2- Man Utd
    3- Arsenal
    4- Blackburn
    5- Liverpool
    6- Everton
    7- Pompey
    8- Spurs
    9- Villa
    10- Man City
    11- Sunderland
    12- Newcastle
    13- West Ham
    14- Boro
    15- Reading
    16- Birmingham
    17- Bolton
    18- Derby
    19- Wigan
    20- Fulham

    I made these picks last week and some like Fulham, Liverpool, and West Ham already look very dated. Liverpool getting 3 pts at Villa park was a mild shock to my system, but I will not change my picks, because that would be cheating. :)

  3. 1 United
    2 Chelsea
    3 Liverpool
    4 Arsenal

    17 Birmingham
    18 Wigan
    19 Derby
    20 Middlesbrough

    First sacked: Southgate
    FA CUp – Arsenal
    Rubbish Cup – Liverpool
    CL – Barcelona

  4. Glad to have you back in action, Gaffer.

    I am glad you aren’t subscribing to the Tottenham pipe dream. Thats also a ballsy pick for Bolton to go down over Derby.

  5. 1. Arsenal
    2. Chelsea
    3. Liverpool
    4. Manchester United
    5. Everton
    6. New Castle
    7. Manchester City
    8. Aston Villa
    9. Blackburn
    10. Tottenham
    11. Middlesbrough
    12. Reading
    13. Bolton
    14. Portsmouth
    15. Sunderland
    16. Fulham
    17. Derby
    18. West Ham United
    19. Wigan Athletic
    20. Birmingham

  6. I’m glad many are now seeing my point of view on Spurs. Picking them 8th was tough for me. I actually think they may finish much lower, and after all this talk this summer that they would pass Arsenal and maybe Liverpool, I have found my self actively rooting against them. Spurs could have brought in the class Blackburn did with Santa Cruz instead of someone as over rated and useless as Bent. Jenas is a complete washout, and Keane sometimes doesn’t show up ala Landon Donovan. I maybe wrong in the long run but having fallen for this Spurs thing three times in the past (1999,2003,2006) I am not buying it this season at all. Even when they string together a few victories be assured they will at some point completely collapse and miss Europe all together.

    Blackburn is the team to watch for me. I think they are Top 4, champions League material.

  7. why does no-one ever give wigan athletuc any credit? They are great hopes for the top half, around 10th. They have had some great signings and are currnetly 3rd, so please give them some credit…

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