New Podcasts: La Liga Talk & Serie A Talk

EPL Talk is proud to announce that we’ve doubled the number of podcasts on our network and now offer La Liga Talk and Serie A Talk in addition to Major League Soccer Talk and, of course, EPL Talk.

Both La Liga Talk and Serie A Talk are brought to you by Forza Futbol. Their knowledge of the game and the Spanish and Italian leagues respectively can be heard on episode 1 of each podcast, which were released within the last 24 hours and available via the EPL Talk podcast stream from iTunes if you’re already a subscriber.

In order to continue to receive the La Liga Talk and Serie A Talk podcasts, you’ll need to subscribe via iTunes or from the podcast pages.

While the podcasts are the finished deal, the websites for both of the new podcasts are currently being redesigned and should be enhanced within the coming days.

EPL Talk’s philosophy is that we want to provide you with content about the leagues you’re interested in. Instead of fast forwarding through other shows when they get to leagues that you have no interest in, EPL Talk’s decision to give leagues their own podcast will allow the podcasts to go into more detail about the history, news, tactics and people inside those leagues.

Both La Liga Talk and Serie A Talk will feature exclusive interviews in the future. Guests such as Bobby McMahon and Phil Schoen have been lined up as well as other surprises. If you enjoy Italian and Spanish league football, please give your support to La Liga Talk and Serie A Talk brought to you by Forza Futbol.

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