Fox Soccer Channel's Coverage of 07/08 EPL Season

In this week’s episode of the EPL Talk Podcast, we feature an interview with two executives from Fox Soccer Channel where we discuss the 07/08 Premier League season and what we can expect to see and hear on the channel in relation to new shows, matches available via broadband and more.

Just some of the topics discussed are:

  • The delay of the Saturday 10am ET matches and why they sometimes start a few minutes late (or more)
  • Whether Ant & Dec will be joining Fox Soccer Channel as reported in the Sunday Express newspaper
  • Will FSC incorporate matchday TV shows and analysis from Sky into its broadcasts
  • The latest developments regarding Fox Soccer Channel and broadcasts in high-definition (HD)
  • Which matches will be shown on broadband on as well as more details about the EPL highlights package available via the web and mobile phones
  • And much more.

Listen to the interview today!

11 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel's Coverage of 07/08 EPL Season”

  1. Great set of interviews. Well prepared as always. It was interesting to hear about the book your guest authored.

    Thanks for getting our questions asked and good answers given. Your doing a great job of getting the information that your fans want. Outstanding.

    It is interesting to compare the interview done last year with this one and you can hear how far FSC has come in their coverage. I believe that they are listening to their fans and trying as best they can to upgrade their service. Thank you FSC. I never thought I would say that. Compare what was said about Hi-Def. with the Setanta interview last week.

    The news on the FSC broadband is really good news. It makes the football fans life so much easier.

  2. Pathetic answer about why there is that annoying delay at the start of live match broadcasts – how long does it take any semi-literate viewer to read the line-ups?

    Talking of which, Beckham ‘amusing and always has lots to say’ – well on the occasion of his final press conference in Madrid he tried to give the opposite impression to justify why his Spanish was so poor after 4.5 yrs, only the final sentence being delivered in the language – ‘muchisimos gracias, estoy timido’ (shy, surely meaning estupido) he muttered ungramatically…


  3. Terrible answer to the line ups – and yes it is often 5 or 6 minutes of delay – he says its just a minute.

    The Beckham answer is hilarious too. We dont want to see him play but we want to see the man himself. He has a nice smile. What a load of drivel. I just want to see the man kick a ball – and nothing else.

    Delighted the ticker is gone forever from EPL games, that thing was either a spoiler or spitting out data which was out of date.

    No interest in their 90 minute Sunday show which shows all the action from their various leagues (Italy/England/USL/MLS/Argentina) in one show. I am a snob and would either want an EPL show, an MLS show .. i dont go in for mixing – its then just a poorly organised hodgepodge.

    One thing I am confused by is the broadband – they are basically showing the lesser game that weekend which TV hasnt picked up (Arsenal V Fulham in the first week though i believe thats a 7am Eastern Time Sunday match). They refuse to announe their charges however… its getting close.
    Also they mention that FSC owns broadband highlight packages for a Monday morning watercooler environment but did anyone catch if thats free on or only if you pay for broadband access – i assume its the former, at least i hope so.

  4. eplnfl, I don’t recall saying I liked Phil Lines but he did have the decency to email me back immediately about the Prem tv rights situation here in Japan. I’m sure a bulsh!tting exec like Lalas would have just failed to reply/fobbed me off with some half-truth.


  5. Lalas tells it like it is. A real quality of any sports exec.

    Have you e-mailed Lalas lately?

    When you e-mialed Lines did he say he just woke up for his interview with the Gaffer.

    Notice how the FSC people are willing and to appear for the podcast and encouraged the Gaffer to call anytime. They want to serve their audience. They have a long way to go but at least they try, not quickly, but they make the effort.

  6. No, I haven’t emailed Lalas lately but I bet others have done so to find out what is going on regarding Becks’ injury. Sure they’ll get clear answers.

    Yes, FSC have a long way to go – I can tell that even living this far away.

    Phil Lines is still half-asleep as far as I know.


  7. When is FSC broadband going to start? They have the rights to the Arsenal-Fulham game this Sunday but need to launch pretty soon for this to happen.

  8. As an Arsenal fan i want to see Fulhma on Sunday at 7am but like hell am i paying for it – its bad enough we have Setanta and FSC on different packages to pay for , now they want to milk a third outlet. No chance. Sopcast or TVAnts for me. Vote with your wallets guys.
    Gaffer can you do a post looking at the comparisons between Setanta Broadband and ITVN Setanta. Or even on outlook for ITVN?

  9. Simon,

    Great suggeston. I’ll check with Setanta and Fox to see if I can gain access to their broadband services and, if so, I’ll write up a review.

    In the meantime, you can check out my review that I did regarding Setanta Broadband from issue two of the EPL Talk Magazine.

    The Gaffer

  10. ITVN is an awful service, servers down or constant freezing, take your pick, don’t waste your time or money. I finally had enough and canceled, I wish I had done earlier but stayed in the hope that things would improve. Truly pathetic.

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