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It’s been one of the busiest weeks ever for EPL Talk and the season hasn’t started yet. We worked hard on getting you the world exclusive on breaking the official Setanta Sports news about being available on DISH Network including an interview with Setanta’s Shane O’Rourke.

And we’re pleased to say that this weekend’s episode of the EPL Talk Podcast will feature two back-to-back interviews with executives from Fox Soccer Channel regarding exciting developments for the 07/08 season (as well as answering your questions you posted on the EPL Talk Community).

Behind the scenes, I’m working on launching the redesigns of EPL Talk, Major League Soccer Talk, La Liga Talk, Championship Talk, Champions League Talk and the soon-to-be-available Serie A Talk. As soon as they’re ready, I’ll be sure to let you know here.

But enough about us. Here’s some of the stories we’ve uncovered during the past 24-48 hours that should peak your interest:

  • More details about the launch of the Sky Sports redesigned website can be found here.

  • Setanta in Ireland and the UK have announced more of their new shows they’ll be debuting across the pond in this article including Macca’s Monday Night (featuring Steve McManaman), Back of the Net and Football Matters. According to Setanta USA, they’re trying their best to get as many of these shows on their network as possible. I can’t wait.
  • I have one beta invite for the BBC iPlayer tool that hasn’t been launched yet but will allow website visitors to view original programming from the BBC such as TV shows, etc. If you’re interested in reviewing the iPlayer for EPL Talk, please e-mail me at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com and I’ll provide one person with the beta login details in exchange for a review (after you’ve had time to kick the tires of the new tool, etc).
  • This week’s episode of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast (an EPL Talk sister site) is with Sean Wheelock, one of the veteran US soccer commentators who is the chief American soccer correspondent for BBC Radio Five Live. It’s an excellent interview by Kartik Krishnaiyer.
  • Squadgod, a remarkably different approach to fantasy football/soccer, has launched. When I have an opportunity, I’ll write a review about the new fantasy site which has many interesting concepts that you won’t find elsewhere. Check it out at
  • BBC’s Match of the Day and Match of the Day 2 (god, without those, what soccer coverage would the Beeb have left?) will be launching a new look-and-feel for both shows in the coming weeks including new sets.
  • Setanta‘s network chief in the US has some promising news regarding Setanta being available on HD and cable systems in the coming year or so.
  • Sirius Satellite Radio has signed an exclusive agreement with Celtic football club so listeners in the U.S. can hear the radio broadcasts from the green and white hoops side. More info here.
  • West Ham United has signed an agreement with the USL in the US to open an academy in Florida to promote talent that could end up playing in England. Thanks to the Dunord Blog for the tip.

Thanks for your patience while the EPL Talk site is being redesigned behind-the-scenes. In the meantime, I’m thoroughly looking forward to the Community Shield match on Sunday. Both teams, Chelsea more-so, seem to be crumbling in the preseason friendlies with defensive frailities exposed and injuries rampant (at Stamford Bridge, at least). Could we be on the verge of Chelsea’s worst start to the season in recent memory?

2 thoughts on “Premier League News From Around the World”

  1. Gaffer:

    I thought with such a great news week like this past one and with all the firsts taking place for EPL Talk and it’s family of sites and a new season upon us all, on behalf of the community members we issue you congratulations for an outstanding job`for the work you have done over the last year and what this year will prove to be, another excellent job of covering the world of football and especially the EPL.

    When I think what EPL Talk was last year at this time when I joined and what it is today, you can truly say that you built a city overnight. In the early days last year the chat would be two people. Look at the number of people just waiting for a EPL chat this Sunday for the Community Shield. Week after week you do a brilliant job of lining up guests for the podcasts, prepare yourself well for each interview, and break news to the football/soccer world.One site has now become, 6 sites, one podcast has become 3 or 4, and if Bc would do a chat for every EPL, MLS, Championship, etc. match people would be joining in. Blogs of top quality keep being added. You have been a brilliant leader while working another job to support your family.

    I know you have not done it alone, BC, Kartik, Tokyo, and many other have contributed their vast time and efforts. All of this has been done at a quality that continues to be top flight. That you. And good luck on you second full season, which I am certain will be another year of excellence.

  2. Lou,

    Your support and kind words are very much appreciated. Thank you.

    The best is still yet to come. Hopefully the website redesign will be ready for launch soon as well as EPL Talk TV and more great articles from EPL Talk bloggers.

    The site is only as good as the community and I’m thankful for all of the great readers/listeners I have.

    If you enjoy EPL Talk, be sure to support it via the EPL Talk Buzz blog at

    The Gaffer

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